Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Late for an afternoon tea party

Living by the beach has ONE disadvantage. You're farther away from the city. For example, if you want to walk into town from Znjan, it takes about 45 minutes, longer if you have a baby on a stroller. This leaves me with the option of driving. But in doing so I'm missing out from discovering the delights of hidden spots and wonderful markets within and around the Diocletian Palace. As was the case today when invited to a juice bar in town and I had no idea where it was!

This cute dog also seems lost.

Did you know the Dalmatian dogs are from Croatia, more specifically the island of Korcula? Just a random fact I learned from my Croatian study book.

As I said, I had no idea where the Tonik Juice Bar was located but my friend reassured me it was easy to find. As instructed, I walked through the end of Riva, behind St. Frane church, up a small street (can't remember the name) then turned left and there tucked away in a small corner, is the best juice bar in Split.

I walked in and was greeted by the sweet aroma of fresh strawberries, oranges and bananas. Not only do they offer fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies but also tea and coffee. I ordered a strawberry smoothie for Beli and I.

Beli quickly made friends and she was even allowed to talk to customers on the phone.We are definitely coming back for their friendly service and great variety of juices. If you want to know its location click here otherwise you will get lost if you follow my directions.


  1. Amazing! Great stuff. I feel like I'm there. Thanks.

  2. Thanks David! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. It was a lovely tea party. I so am glad you and Beli could come.

  4. Hi there and thanks for stopping by at my blog! Croatia through your lens looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. seems like a lovely place and that little Isabela makes friends where ever she goes!

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