Friday, August 14, 2009

About Me

I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and at the age of 8, my parents made the choice to pursue happiness across the border. Moving to the United States, the land of dreams, was a defining moment for me.
My two sisters would probably have a different story to tell you. Even though we had the same journey (coming to a foreign country and not speaking the language) the experiences were different for each of us. Imagine leaving behind everything that is familiar to you: your friends, your family, your pet, your school and start from scratch in a new country. Scary! I worship my Mother, for her sacrifice, her courage, her strength to leave her native country for a better future for her family. And my Father, who has taught me fortitude, and an impeccable work ethic. Without their decision to bring their children to the land of opportunities, I woudn't be who I am today.


Mis Hermanas. (Yes you guessed right, that's me in the chick costume)

Graduating from University! (Proud moment for everyone!)

In Colorado with Family.

Now I am repeating it all over again (living in a Foreign country, Croatia). But this time with a husband and a one-year old daughter and the courage and wisdom I didn't have 25 years ago!

I met my husband in Iowa. He is Croatian and I say it was destiny that we met because prior to moving to Iowa, I was attending college in Odessa, Texas and applying to pharmacy school. My Dad was then transferred to Iowa and I didn't get accepted into the elite pharmacy school in Austin,Texas and feeling crushed and like a failure I decided to relocate to the hot and humid weather of the Midwest with my parents and sisters.
My future husband had decided as soon as he finished his degree he was moving back to Croatia as all his family were still living there. And then...........he met me........... postponed his move to Croatia and married me instead! I finished pharmacy school and He worked a gazillion hours to help his family back home, I got a job in Colorado then had a baby and well here we are finally in Croatia.

So as you read about my daily experiences, think back to what it was like for you when you moved to a new city, had a new job or owned a new home. Quite the adventure right?

Fast forward to the year 2011. It's time I posted an update right? Well, we are moving back to the States! When we get all settled in I will write in more detail about the reasons of why we came to the decision of moving back. Hope you stick around to reading more!

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