Friday, December 10, 2010

Fresh olives from the trees to your table

Last year was my first time picking olives and for some reason I never got around to posting any photos.  I couldn't go a second time this year but hubby went to help his Grandma and uncle. I can't remember the exact amount of kilos that were harvested but the net amount exceeded well over 200 liters. But don't quote me on that!
( photos are from November of last year )

There were four generations working on the field.  Here is Great-Grandma and Beli working together.

The next step in the oil extraction process is cleaning the olives. I think if I say there were thousands of them, (green and plum colored olives) flooding the kitchen floor I wouldn't be exaggerating! The leaves, stems, and debris were removed. Beli was helping by taking the leaves from the bucket and putting them back with the olives! Great-Grandma never once complained! She said that work is her life and she actually enjoys it. She is such a trooper.

The final step involved taking the olives to a facility to be processed and then enjoy the olive oil until the next harvest! Hubby and I discussed that it would be a fun project to make our own labels to place on our olive oil bottles, just like those fancy ones from the grocery store.  That was last year and we never got around to doing it.
But this year we revisited the idea and my Father-in-law gave us the idea for the brand name. What do you think?

We incorporated Beli's name plus the family's surname. The back of the bottle reads: " This first pressed premium quality olive oil originates from a village in the vicinity of picturesque city of Skradin. Hand picked by family members."

*100% organic olive oil, love, care, passion, tradition, quality, taste.

 Please enjoy!



  1. This is so amazing! I always loved the idea of really making your own olive oil, the old-fashioned way, and truly appreciating the work of your own hands. Besides the beautiful photos, I love that there were so many generations working together - lovely.

    Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend!

  2. What a nice tradition. Having your own family brand is such a great idea.



  3. VERY nice!!I cook with extra virgin olive oil all the time. I rarely have anything else in the house! Never knew how they got to the bottle though. Thanks for the matter when it happened! ^_^ And I just love the labels! Can you buy the olive oil somewhere, with that label?!

  4. Wow, that's awesome! I love the name! How special that is the combination of Beli and your family name. This post reminded me of the olive picking picture story for kids I borrowed from my friend. My older daughter loved it. Your story can be a picture book. How cool that 4 generations worked on the field! That is getting more rare these days.

  5. Amazing! I love extra virgin olive oil and this looks like some of the "BEST". As a child, I would go with my dad and family to pick olives. My dad always cured olives for the holidays; but never made olive oil. The olive picking with the family was some of the best of times. Love the Beli name! Thanks for sharing. Mumzie

  6. Super cute name and labels!

  7. These pictures are absolutely amazing! I think it's incredible that you made your own olive oil! And the name is absolutely perfect, too. I seriously LOVE reading your blog because you give me insight into all these things I'd have no idea about otherwise! :)
    P.S. Have you packed yet? Good luck with that - that's my least favorite part of traveling!

  8. I love the name! and the label :)
    how special to pick and produce your own olive oil. congrats to you guys!!

  9. i like the ingredients of olive oil:)

  10. Awesome Elisa. This looks great!

  11. fantastic idea !!!

    not only a great gesture to the youngest branch on the familytree, but very clever: "100% organic", which it is !!!

    and one thing for sure, oil like this is the very best, so if people want to buy it: Go for it before it's sold.

    great stuff, great post, great idea !!!

  12. from ten (10) kilo olives, handpicked one by one, comes about one (1) liter first quality oil.

    no heat, no filtration, no additives, just genuin domaci olive oil.

    and yes, those picking days are much more than just picking olives, it's a real social event, with traditionaly a meal together after work has been done (same with grape-picking).

    this, and many other moments like this, is what tourists/visitors to Croatia should experience, as than and specially than you fall in love with it all (which we did).

    thanks again, great post !!!!!!

  13. Jude, thank you, it's been a yearly tradition and I was happy to be part of it.

    thank you Ana!

    Poetess, we are considering selling it, are you interested?

    Thanks Kaho that's a very high compliment! that would be very cool to make a picture book.

    Mumzie I think it's a great family tradition and everyone can take part in it. from the oldest to the youngest member of the family.

    @Alice, thank you!

    @Ivonne, gracias!

  14. What a wonderful thing to be able to do!

  15. That's amazing :) and Beli has her own brand! The bottle and label look great. My parents have olive trees in the garden as well... so every year it is picking time... but we take them to the mill in the village :) and get some oil for it.

  16. I'll take 4 bottles if you ever decide to sell them! I'm in Zagreb: just e-mail me at: gabriella123 at mac dot com

  17. we stayed at a hotel in Split once and he made his own olive oil and entered in the contest every year - it was amazing. his own wine too!


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