Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the meantime ~ hay que seguir viviendo y trabajando

Can you believe this?
August is almost here. 
I will be another year older
Will I accomplish what I set out to do?
My knee is in bad shape, has been hurting
for the past weeks (going to the Dr to see what's going on)
My goal is to run a marathon by end of September.

After our vacation in California (I'm still behind in sharing photos with you!)
Beli and I went to Texas to visit my grandparents (his chemotherapy is more aggressive now)
but still holding up.

Upon our return home we all went back to our routine.
the month of July flew by and it feels all I've been doing is:
I'm exhausted by the time I return home after work
and the little energy I have is reserved for Beli.
Hopefully seen you soon!

~have a family reunion coming up in Texas in a couple of weeks
Any suggestions for games? ( I've never been to a family reunion)
About 84 people expected to attend.

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

La Jolla

Sunday afternoon at La Jolla was one our favorite days from our trip.

 They say where there are seals sharks are nearby, luckily we didn't see any!

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