Monday, April 23, 2012

Back from Iowa

Ten days in the Midwest and now back home.
Lots to share.
will be back soon.
Have missed reading all your blogs!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Asi es la vida ~

a beautiful day it was last Sunday. 
we went to the flea market.
I came home with a bag of roasted hot peppers
Beli came home with the Big Red Dog (Clifford)

and Hubby found tools.

~Life is good.

sometimes I want to complain, then bite my tongue and internalize my thoughts
just feeling a bit run down with routine
 looking forward to spending time with my family in Iowa next week
trying to be present
and embrace each moment,
as we all know, life never goes according to plan
We found out on Sunday, after returning from the market,
that my Father-in-law had open heart surgery last week (being overseas, family didn't want us worrying)
he is recovering and doing well
in fact he was released today.
My Mother-in-law was hoping to come and visit us next month
but right now the most important thing is that she stays and helps my Father-in-law recover.
Like Hubby said, it doesn't seem real that this happened.
He feels bad that he is so far away from his family but grateful that his Dad is in stable condition
yet one can't stop worrying.

Beli and I will travel to Iowa on the 13th and celebrate her birthday there.
She is growing up so fast!

Beli and my Father-in-law, celebrating her 2nd birthday ~2010

Have a Happy Easter! 

How will you be celebrating this Holiday?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life only happens in language

Language is a powerful tool, Beli used it to convince me to
buy her this big red Clifford dog at the flea market.
and she loves her new dog!
Today is the first day of #Nando25 challenge,
I invite you to read more about it here,

"The words we choose to use in our daily lives trigger responses that you're not even aware of half the time. Your life is happening all around you-because of the language you are using.
Choose your words wisely."

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