Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What would we do without father-in-laws

Today began as a normal day: Playdate,and the usual picking up of her toys, nap, lunch, etc....
Well as I said yesterday, we have been living in Split now for 4 months and neither one of us has a job yet. My father-in-law is contacting his friends for possible opportunities. Well tonight my husband and I met two wonderful people (I know what you are thinking, they offered us a job?) Nope, it wasn't that. But what makes them wonderful is that this was their first encounter with us and yet they promised to do everything that was within their reach to help us out with our job search. I mean how many strangers would make that kind of commitment? True friends, that's who. And for that I feel indebted to my father-in-law. He is a wonderful human being with a big HEART.
After the meeting we went to pick up our little one. My father-in-law was babysitting and we met him at the playground and he told me he had a surprise. "Buenas noches, gusto en conocerte" the girl greeted me in SPANISH. Imagine my surprise. Can I take a moment -to take a moment?....Still taking a moment...

Recuperating from shock..this was some random lady in the playground that was speaking spanish to her child, my father-in-law heard her and introduced himself and asked if she could wait for his daughter-in-law to arrive. (the lady is bilingual in spanish-croatian). She gave me the names of two more chicas who are also latinas living in Split. Need I say more?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Today marks progress

It has been 4 months today since we left the States for the relaxed and easy-going lifestyle of Croatia. So how have things changed for me you might ask?
  1. I can say I feel Content. Happy. Stress-free(work-related), Relaxed.
  2. Slowly integrating into Society (learning the language is a key factor).
  3. With the help of technology (Skype) I can call my mother and sisters on a daily basis, (just like we did when I lived in the states).
  4. I miss commodities such as dishwasher and dryer for your clothes.
  5. Still feel uneasy about health-care(due to language barrier)but thankfully haven't had need to see a doctor. (except that 1 time to the ER for Isabela's cut..scary day)
  6. Still getting used to how money just flies out of your pocket and don't know how families manage(average salary for Split residents is about 900 dollars/monthly).
  7. But then again you don't have people using credit cards left and right, most purchases are cash only, So if you can't afford it you don't buy it.
  8. I now buy what I need Not what I want or like (and it is such a relief! so much more simple, no new clothes hanging in the closet with the tag still attached)
  9. I miss driving, but won't risk safety of my family (because drivers here are very territorial about their space..dare NOT pass them in the city!)
  10. Love accesibility for traveling within Europe. We are planning a few trips in the upcoming months. Italy is one of them...... Grazie, Per favore, Ciao, Arrive derci (Can you tell I am practicing my italian common phrases?)
  11. And I don't need to state the obvious, LOVE to spend 24/7 with my precious girl, Isabela
  12. A blessing to have HER in my life.
  13. I can probably go on and on.
  14. But bottom line, YES I miss my parents, sisters, nephews TERRIBLY, but I know when I look back at this experience (in years to come) there will be no Regrets!!
  15. Love you all !!!!(You know who you are)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hiking 101

After reading this story you might find our adventure hilarious (and yes it's ok to laugh) but at the time we were a bit frustrated and upset at the way you have to find your way around the city. I was SO excited about hiking today. I even pulled out my "hiking" shoes that I bought in Colorado and had only worn once. I also prepared our backpack with water and some yummy snacks.

We drove our little one to grandma and grandpa and off we went! Isabela was more than happy to spend time with Baka and Dida.

Attempt #1:
We are driving via Podstrana to Mosor Mountains and going by my husband's recollection from 20 years ago. Of course the signs don't help much as they don't give you distance info. We find a trail and assume it is the one. I pull the backpack from the trunk and proudly wear it. We are walking and I am looking around taking in the scenery and fresh scent of pine trees. "Beautiful".

Then we come to this: a small stream no continued trail on either side. DEAD END after 5 minutes!

No big deal we turn around and decide to ask for directions at the nearest grocery store.The young girl said "oh, just follow the signs, they will get you there!"

Attempt #2:
Get back in car and we are following the signs (just like the girl instructed us to do) and I am thinking, the road is taking us higher and higher up the mountain, are we really going to get to hike any of it? Oh look, I say to my husband a sign for the mountains, he said yeah it will take you to the Observatory. We stop and park the car. Again I pull out the backpack and proudly wear it. Ok I am ready. We start walking on the gravel road but I don't see any trail that is clearly marked (this was according to a website I read). We keep walking and walking, not "hiking".
Now I don't want to sound like a five- year old child throwing a tantrum and pouting her lips, but this is not what I had in mind. I had envisioned pine trees and different species of plants get the picture. My husband who knows me too well, says do you want to hike a different way? So we try to hike UP a hill with loose rocks quite scary because my foot kept twisting in spite of wearing my "hiking" shoes and then I said I rather give in to being safe than being adventurous. We return to the gravel road and we are looking around and then my Husband states " look over there..across that hill.. I see parked cars, I think that is where we need to be". I said but we are suppose to be at your parents for lunch and we won't have enough time to hike and be on time. He said its fine we will call them and inform them we will be late. I said sure lets do it. Feeling optimistic again.

Attempt #3:
Get back in the car and he starts driving and not even 2 minutes pass by, I kid you not, we see Another sign, oh if only we had continued driving. Allright I think we are on the right track (the girl was right after all, "follow the signs and they will get you there!")
Yeah! we made it and you know what? it was worth the trouble of finding it!
And we found the marked trail.

Although I ended up ditching the backpack, but hubby volunteered to carry it.

About half-way is a restaurant where you can eat and rest. It was here we saw a donkey and cows grazing. We found rosehip bushes and decided to pick some for making tea at home. Hiking back was easier and we had a warm lunch to go home to. It was exhausting yet fun. We are thinking of hiking another mountain next weekend. Think you want to come along on that adventure??? (Laughing permitted)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Time

I love family and today we spent the afternoon in Rogoznica with my husband's great aunt and uncle and cousins. They prepared a wonderful lunch and their home has a beautiful view of the sea. Weather was around the 70's.

Isabela and Laura. Don't they look like sisters instead of great,great cousins? Laura was so cute, she is only five but she volunteered to look out for Isabela. They got along great to be the first time they met!

Tomorrow we are hiking the Mosor Mountains. I will tell you how that goes!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Grocery shopping

We never cease to be amazed at how pricey groceries tend to be. But then think about it, here we pay 23% sales tax, yes includes food. Sometimes we spend 70-80 dollars and come home with nothing to eat.(mainly stuff for Bela and cleaning supplies) then we discovered LIDL.

and for those who have heard of ALDI, (mainly midwest) well Lidl has the same concept and I LOVE IT! although makes me homesick. But the prices were the most affordable I have seen so far. Want to know the secret? Because they don't charge you the 23% sales tax!! Aren't we lucky?
Even Bela was grabbing cookies right and left.

So from now on, we will be making our main purchases here. Lidl here we come!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Drilling and Lessons

hmmmmm.listening to Croatian music in the background. I found 2 more websites that offer Croatian Lessons then my friend suggested why not find out what internet has to offer and I found a few lessons on Youtube. I want to say it is helping. At least with grammar rules. Did you know that colors have 3 different endings depending on gender of noun you are describing? I mean in English Blue is blue, the blue chair, the blue table, oh but not in Croatian, Blue is Plav, here are 3 examples the first noun is neuter, then masculine and then feminine:
PLAVO more , PLAVI stol, PLAVA stolica(blue ocean, blue table, blue chair). And Not only that but there are 7 grammar cases for NOUNS!! (Yeah, I am trying NOT to get discouraged!)

On another theme:
Woke at at 7am to the sound of drilling!! Sounded like we were in a construction site. Walked outside and the noise was above us and in front of us. Two stories above us they are removing tile from balcony!! and in front of us this tent was being set up.
This tent is for some sort of trade show

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrating a Saint.

I was not brought up believing in saints. Both of my grandmothers on the other hand were Catholic but my mother chose to let us grow up and decide for ourselves. I was not "religious" per se and I won't get into this topic because it is broad and too "political". But my husband said we are going to visit my grandparents because today is Saint Anna's day and they celebrate this day. Ok? I said but what does this celebration entail? He said I am not sure but there will be plenty of food.
Alright I had my reservations but I was trying to be open-minded.
On our drive to the village my husband said ok this is what my mother informed me about the celebration:
Each household in the village picks a saint that they would like to celebrate throughout the year and when that day arrives then they cook and invite people from the village to their home to eat and chat.
We arrive and I was expecting the home to be decorated with lit candles, pictures of saints but that was not the case, it was just like my husband said "plenty of food" for the village!
Grandma and Grandpa brought out plates of meat and bottles of wine and it was a great day to visit with people from the village. I also had the chance to meet my husband's extended family. Trying to keep all their names straight was a bit challenging but they were happy I was trying!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost Organic Minestrone Soup with a Latin twist

I call this ALMOST organic because I added 2 ingredients non-organic: canned beans and soy meat. But everything else came from our grandparents farm (no pesticides)

You will need:
3 cups of water
4-5 roma tomatoes diced
1 stalk of celery diced
1 medium onion diced
2 cloves of garlic diced
2 medium carrots sliced
let cook for about 30 minutes then add can of beans your choice(black or red) and mash the soup while still cooking low heat (like making mash potatoes style)
this will make soup not as runny, and cook on low heat another 10 minutes.
and you can add soy meat or not it is up to you.(BOCA soy meat or I used dehydrated soy meat)
parsley or cilantro to your taste
I used salt and pepper to flavor and bit of oregano(here you can flavor it or add what spices you have in your cupboard)
and for my Latin TWIST: add pickled jalapenos

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Split has a vegetarian restaurant!!! is what I told my husband after reading a magazine article about places one must eat when in Split. After getting lost in the city, because it is a bit tricky to find it even for my husband who is a local, we found Makrovega tucked in between the cobbled stone streets.

Check out the galerija on their webpage for an idea of their desserts YUMMY. I even had the opportunity to speak with the owner and she mentioned they offer cooking lessons!

Red bean and vegetable soup ( It was really tasty!)

Green salad

The main course consisted of vegetable risotto, lentils, and skewered vegetables. And the price affordable $11.00 which excludes drinks.

After lunch we attended the Split Film Festival and saw the documentary Los Herederos. I was born in Mexico and while my childhood was not the one depicted here, it was still a hard one. As I watched the documentary I thought about my nephews. The review by Jim Lesses sums up every thought that crossed my mind while watching the film. It is a heart-breaking film that left me with a feeling of guilt and yet an understanding that if they don't work they won't eat.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't take (it) for granted.

Our neighbors next door(who come to Split for the summer) were kind enough to offer us their membership card to Metro (Think Costco..only its for business owners). We though today was a good day to go shopping as it was cloudy and a chance of rain plus Isabela is running out of pampers.

Imagine MY surprise when I am walking down the aisle and I see a jar of pickled jalapenos. I look again to see if my eyes played a trick on me. No, the jar is still still there with a sticker price of 26 kunas (Yeah do the conversion in dollars=expensive= $5dollars). I yell at my husband who is at the other end of the aisle, "YOU HAVE TO COME AND SEE WHAT I FOUND!!!!!". He rushes over sees the jar and asks "how many do you want to buy since the likelyhood of us coming back is slim to none as our neighbors are heading back to Zagreb?" I say two, he says No, no lets buy 4 or 5! We compromised and purchased 3 jars.

Thank you casafiesta for making it to Metro could you maybe try to squeeze yourself into Billa or Kaufland??

(I am eating them now straight from the jar and oh I am NOT disappointed, they are spicy!)

OH, my husband just informed me as I am typing this now that I should actually
thank nikas since they were responsible for importing the product into Croatia. So thank you NIKAS you have a very grateful mexican-american chica in Split, Croatia. (I just hope they read this blog).

We also found fresh jalapenos FOUR for FOUR dollars, and corn tortillas #8 for $5. We thought this was an outrageous price and we settled on purchasing the pickled jalapenos.

And another LUXURY I found and please don't laugh but I have not been able to find peanut butter anywhere until today: So don't take it for granted....Because I paid $7 crispy dollars for this little itsy jar.

Silly how these items bring such happiness. Oh if only now I can find Maple Syrup and Pancake mix.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food Creativity

My Florentine Egg Rolls.

I thought of an alternative and healthy way to make breakfast burritos!

This is my recipe:

1 medium diced onion

1 medium bell pepper

saute with olive oil (your preference on amount)

add 3 eggs and mix well

add 1/4 cup diced gouda cheese

garnish with fresh basil and parsley

then place in 4 lettuce wedges and enjoy with tomato wedges on the side

add salt and pepper to taste


How long do I have to wear this band-aid on my forehead?
Cause I really, really can't resist pulling it off

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Blood Warning?

Toddlers, children in general are so unpredictable, so quick and agile that you can't guess their next move. Our Isabela is a nonstop energy bunny. Today we had come back from lunch at grandparents home celebrating another month of life. (Every month since Isabela was born we have celebrated her "birthday" today she turned 17 months old and we had a small cake, most times it is homemade). So we were in our apt. reading and Isabela was bouncing a balloon and trying to sit on it and balancing herself on it. She has been doing this for a while now that we thought it was fine and would caution her to be careful, go slow. Suddenly I hear a cry and Davor says she is bleeding, I rush her to the bathroom and there is a gash on her forehead. Blood is now on her face, her shirt,I try not to panic but I scream at him to bring me coffee grinds (this is what my mother used on my sister when she had a cut on her nose 2o years ago) "Coffee?? expresso coffee?" he asks, I say never mind might get infected anyways. I keep rinsing and blood is just flowing, I try to console her as she is crying, we then decide ok ER Visit, but she is pooped and I need to change her diaper. I then give her tylenol and a sippy cup with milk and by now she has calmed down. By the time we are in the car she is AS if nothing has happened, only a cut on her forehead. She is just looking at us like "what is wrong with you, why are you looking at me with those frowned faces?"

Finding a place to park at the Hospital was frustrating, no where to park and it was raining!

Nurses were super nice, very reassuring for Mama but I was asked to leave the room as only one person was allowed to stay. Since I don't speak Croatian,as much as I wanted to be there, Dad had to be the one to stay. I didn't hear a cry and few minutes later she walked out with a gauze pad covering her full forehead. No stitches required, ahh relief.

We were instructed not to get the wound wet, and return in 3 -4 days for a check-up. Another magic word:NO COPAY! FREE, yeap in Croatia healthcare is free for Croatian Citizens (Alot of paperwork involved though in getting registered). Isabela has dual citizenship.

I get a hold of my support group across the globe and this is what my sister had to say:

Didn't we tell you about the BLOOD WARNING??Well here it is: when your child looks worse that it is...REALLY la sangre es como el chile rojo....ESCANDALOSA (Meaning blood is a mess when trying to clean it up but harmless) She said FIRST clean the will see it is not THAT bad... every mom has a blood story and now you do....welcome to parenting.

NOW what do we do?Do we blame each other for what happened or do we learn from this and as partners try to come up with a solution? Do we cushion half of the apartment to prevent this from happening again? Do we implement "discipline" ie: no running in the house, and if so how do you do it for a 17- month old??

Unfortunately there is no manual out there for first time parents to tell you what the right thing to do is. But you do have friends and family who have experienced what we have just experienced and if we are willing to listen then maybe one of their suggestions can be our solution.

Monday, September 14, 2009


In the internet:

1.Kanye West takes mic away from Taylor Swift as she is giving her acceptance speech at the VMAs.

2. Serena Williams;her outburst, the fine, her apology.

At home:

1. Went to library and will be reading Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris (have 21 days)

2. Drinking cranberry tea with lemon (throat hurts,stuffy nose, body aches, no appetite)
3. Took Isabela for a walk on the beach

4. Two-hour nap

5. Skyped with friend from New York

6.Split Film Festival: Now I know about Orlando and director Sally Potter

7. Spent 30 kunas on 2 drinkable yogurts, a small package of crackers, 1 lollipop

8. Isabela walking in Mama's shoes: PRICELESS!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We never make "plans" because they are bound to change so we like to make "suggestions" and no expectations associated with it. But I used to be BIG on "keeping your word". If you said you were going to do something then I expected you to keep your word. Only one problem with that. We are human beings and bound to make mistakes and we cannot control the universe. So when my sister, friend, or husband would say lets go to (ie: the museum or shopping next week) and it never happened, I would be VERY upset because that "PLAN" was never carried out. To me, that person was not honoring their word. Yes this sounds inflexible on my behalf but understand that my upbringing was in a Mexican household and that is how Dad was taught and so it was passed from one generation on to the next. I have FINALLY changed my ways. If someone says I will call you tomorrow and they don't, I let it go. I can tell you it is LIBERATING not to have expectations.

Ok this is NOT where I was planning on going with this post. (HINT<> Hint do not plan)

I was actually going to tell you of our outdoor adventure that we had "suggested".

We visited the Klis Fortress in Klis and the Vranjaca Cave in Dugopolje. I learned so much about the history of Split. Ask me now about dates, name of kings, who conquered who..

hurry hurry before I forget!

The view from the Fortress was amazing. You could see Split, several islands including Brac, Hvar and Solta.

Finding the location of the cave was a whole other story! We were looking for road signs and then we ran into this:

COOL HU! Cows crossing the road!

When we finally found the cave, we were not disappointed. The owner gave us a brief introduction and explained its history. His grandfather, as a child, was chasing a pigeon when he found the cave and discovered what is now known as the Vranjaca Cave. If you call ahead they host lunches:all you can eat and drink and tour of the cave for 120 kunas! That is a bargain (about $24 US dollars) He then explained do not touch anything, take as many pictures as you like and then sent us on our way. When we stepped inside all I could say was WOW! It was a humbling experience. To see so much beauty I was speechless.

The property also has a hiking trail that you can follow from the cave up to the hill behind it. Marko, the owner, also went on to tell us that he has future plans of building a tram which would take you uphill/downhill which ever direction you choose to take. Sounds promising!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I will admit I feel guilty for sleeping in late and not going for my morning run but it sure felt good getting those extra hours of sleep. But it messes up the way you feel afterwards: sluggish and more tired than before. I woke up just in time for Hubby to go on his p90x training session. Isabela was cranky and had crying spells all morning and afternoon. Daddy actually said she was being "moody"! Our 16 month old "moody?"I don't think she can be moody until she is old enough to have PMS (14, 15 years of age?) but Daddy only knows what "moody" is by being around ME and yes when I am moody I AM cranky and have crying spells. Ok enough about being "moody".

Isabela has been sneezing with runny/stuffy nose which makes it hard for her to eat and breath at the same time. I sure hopes its only allergies. I should know right? I am after all a Pharmacist! But when you have a child you think first as a mother then as your profession. If she continues will have to go to the pharmacy and buy an antihistamine.

Went to see "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3". I know... so last summer but it was just released here in Split (imagine that..... we are like 6 months behind) although we did see "My life in Ruins". So I don't really know the criteria for releasing movies here.

I did major cleaning around the house with the assistance of my little helper. She was feeling better.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The beach sure looks empty. Kids have started school. Tourists have returned home. But in our home nothing has changed. Our routine is still the same.

And our little princess rules from her throne.

See Mama... THIS is the pink shirt I wanted to wear!

I gotta go and tell Mama I AM ready for potty-training even though she thinks I am still too young..Come on lets RUN!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Talking, Talking

Isabela talks to Anything and Everything!!
She loves looking at books and finding grandpa/grandma/cat/dog/bear/baby/ball/papa/shoe/mama/tata/horse/chicken/mouse.
She knows her body parts in Croatian:

Noga: wiggles her toes (noga is the word for leg/foot)
Ruka: waves her hand
Oko: squints her eye
Nos: points to nose
Usta: pouts her lips
Uho: pulls on ear
Glava: hits her head
Kosa: pulls her hair (but she can't say kosa she says Soka.......)
And now YOU know 8 croatian words!!

And most animals she also knows in Croatian but today I taught her the english word for pakta and it was so cute the way she said ducky,ducky streching the eeee duckeeeeeeeee

I speak to her in Spanish and she understands as much as she understands Croatian, for example:sientate, she sits, or dad tells her in croatian (sorry I don't know how to spell the croatian word for sit)
Today I caught her "feeding" her medo/bear..and saying papa,papa...

Went to the fish market...took us half an hour to find a place to park downtown (parking is a nightmare!!). If you really want a good selection of fish you have to be there at 5 or 6am not 10am, but those with a 16-month can you really blame them for sleeping in? Oh well, we came back with shrimp and squid. I will tell you, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to eat or see another shrimp without gagging. I "volunteered" to clean the shrimp....well........having those round brown eyes stare back at me with its long red antennas and its claws so sharp....ahhhhh I was actually grossed out. Davor had to finish cleaning them. Honestly it might be awhile before I eat shrimp again.
I mentioned earlier I don't eat any meat derived from 4 legged animals ooops forgot to include 2 legged/winged animals, and NOW practically any animal with legs or EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might, just might become FULL BLOWN vegetarian.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I read President Obama's school speech and was motivated to do my part. I instructed Davor to teach Isabela to read.

Ok she might be a little young but I was truly inspired by Obama's words:

"Where you are right now doesn't have to determine where you'll end up," he continued. "No one's written your destiny for you. Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future."

What else did we do today? Oh yeah had a Pajama and Hat Party!!!! We have misplaced her red hat!!!!!! and now she is wearing MY orange one.

Mornings have been getting colder as temperature dips: feels like winter is approaching. The wind in the morning makes you want to have a cup of hot chocolate.. but give it a few hours then you are wishing you were at the beach.

Day two of jogging..

I need to get back on track! See you sharp at 6:30am.

Day To Remember

Yesterday being Labor Day weekend I asked Davor if he remembered what we did last year during this time because I couldn't remember. My parents visited us every year we lived in Colorado except last year (why didn't they visit last year? again can't remember). I gave up remembering for the time being.

We went over to Parents home for lunch. Most Sundays we try and get together and I like to call it "FAMILY DAY". Grandparents and Uncle get to see Isabela and she LOVES running around in their apartment and grabbing stuff she shouldn't. I say she is spoiled, "chiple" because if she wants something she shouldn't have(ie:picture frame) and I say No! then she cries but more of a I want it, and I want it NOW cry. Well grandma or grandpa hear her cry and give it to her and Nada tells me she is not spoiled. Isabela is their first grandchild after all, can't blame them.

Well let me tell you what we had for lunch. Nada is a great cook and I personally think she should open her own KONOBA (family restaurant).

Noodle Soup (made with real Veal stock)

Octopus Salad (cooked octopus cut in small pieces tastes like calamari but without being fried and then she added cooked potatoes, onions, olive oil, parsley and garlic it was so GOOD)

Shrimp(with shells) cooked with pasta and a white sauce and parsley (this was prepared for me since I don't eat meat derived from 4 legged creatures)

Cooked Veal with vegetables

And to accompany all that, yeap white wine

I really really really wanted to know what we did last year for labor day weekend 2008, just because, the stubborness in me..


As we were eating I asked Nada if she remembered what we did last year at this time because she was with us in Colorado at the time. She said maybe you worked and you erased it from your memory? I said you are right, I probably did have to work..

And then Nada said I proprose a toast:

"May today be a day you will remember"

Ahhh what a wonderful toast!!

CHEERS to all of YOU!!!!!!!! and may you also remember Labor Day 2009!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Could Not Believe It

I love this picture. Isabela with Baka Vida in Bribir. So Endearing...

I love grapes........

and I saved the best picture for last.....



Yesterday when we went to visit Baka and Dida in Bribir they had a surprise for us.


Grandpa Uros found these at his neighbor's farm(not sure if they eat them but was more than happy to hand them over to Grandpa)

Do you know what it has been for a Mexican NOT to eat Jalapenos in 3 MONTHS???

How about excessive drooling at any bag of potato chips that advertises HOT all over the bag only to open it and be disappointed because there is nothing HOT about it. I have bought over 2o bags of potato chips and endless jars of salsa only to FINALLY learn that Croatians have a different scale of measuring HOT and MILD. My husband also joined me in my quest (but he took a different route) he went on ebay and ordered the seeds and I am happy to report we now have 2 tiny, tiney seeds sprouting outside our balcony.


Gone are the days when I used to say, "I don't want to go to work tomorrow" as I enjoyed my coffee and a book at Tattercover, this was our routine on Sundays when both of us worked and our munchkin was in daycare. NOW we don't go to work and I am a full-time mommy. While I enjoy every minute of it sometimes I get stressed out, frustrated and impatient. Feelings I used to experience at my workplace. To those full-time moms out there I salute you, including my own mother. I have only been doing this for 3 consecutive months and already I feel worned OUT. I get lost in the routine and Elisa is no where to be found.

How to find a balance in caring for your little one? cleaning the house? learning a foreign language? AND still remain the WOMAN your husband fell in love with? Not the woman running around with no make-up or wearing the t-shirt with red food stains because you forgot to put an apron when preparing Spaghetti for Isabela. This is not me, and I will admit it is HARD for ME.

I LOVE my family and we are so fortunate to be having this experience:to BOND with our little one and watch her develop and be healthy. No more weekly visits to the pediatrician since we moved here. Beautiful home and minutes from the beach, and I am so BLESSED.What more can I ask for??

Friday, September 4, 2009

How things change in a blink of an eye.

Yesterday (thursday) was one of those days where IT should be raining and pouring and cold and windy BUT it wasn't! Because what other explanation do I have when I tell you that I watched 2 movies on HBO, TWO! and you only do that when the weather is crappy Right? You stay indoors. Well it was sunny and beautiful outside. Yet I remained confined to my apt all day long!!

But that evening Davor went to the grocery store and came back with: Warm Pizza, Coke, Dessert and an invitation for Dinner at the beach. I initially said it's ok just take Beli I will stay here, but then I thought "ARE U CRAZY WOMAN?GO!
So I did and I enjoyed every minute.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The daredevil:My Isabela?????

I Received via email a description of those born under Aries sign and while I generally don't think too much about these things I couldn't help but think that someone was talking about my daughter.....

Are these characteristics of Isabela..The daredevil.................................????

Energetic (should I talk about her 4am jogging session today?)

Adventurous and spontaneous(she approaches and pets the chickens at grandpa's farm)

Confident and enthusiastic ( Totally knows she is ADORABLE)

Fun,Loves a challenge (Tonight we went to the beach for dinner: pizza and chocolate milk)

EXTREMELY impatient ( Inherited from Daddy...ok seriously what 16 month is NOT impatient..)

Sometimes selfish(Not Isabela who says Mine! Mine! as I try to hug her teddy bear..)

Short fuse-Easily angered (Inherited from Mommy..If I don't give her the toy back after she says Mine! she screams for her Daddy..and yes he comes to the rescue.Sooo Daddy's girl!)

Lively, passionate, and sharp wit (She knows how to love her "baby":: by putting her hands around baby's neck,in a choking manner while kissing it....)

Outgoing (VERY much so, inherited from grandma Maria and grandpa Ljubo)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored. (Really, my 16 month old? NO!)

Egotistical (Ok, I think too young to see this)

Courageous and assertive (She walks into the sea without fear and even got on this kids ride(ok let me describe this ride: 4 baskets no safety belts just plain baskets tied from a rope and go round and round, Yeah nearly gave me a heart-attack when Davor said oh it's ok she got on this ride the other day while you where at the bookstore!!)

Tends to be physical and athletic. (Need to say more? I am exhausted from all the running around.)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I thought if maybe I "connected" with nature I would get a better prespective of life and well I couldn't agree more, can you???????

Sometimes I still can't believe I am living in such a beautiful CITY!!

Even Isabela bonded with Nature. She has a tendency to like ALL animals.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is the time...again.....when I start eating chocolate and drinking coffee and feeling disconnected, distant(thinking) so I thought (see thinking) why not make a list of what I AM GRATEFUL for.
After all, many people are going to be reading my journal/blog and I don't mind that, don't get me wrong. after all I did ask you to come along on my journey and read about my adventures.
And well sometimes you JUST have one of those days when you are not feeling 100% happy but it is just like everyone around the world you pick yourself UP and keep ON because MANY people want the best for you and all they want is seeing you smile. That is ALL.

WHAT I MISS....................WHAT I HAVE

Microwave............. Fresh Organic Produce

Starbucks.............. Endless cups of brazil coffee right at home

Driving................... Walks on the beach

Career.............Isabela callling me MAMA,MAMA and I could not have a better BOSS

Friends..............I am working on making friends here and so far so good

Parents..............My In-Laws have given me endless love and support they are my 2nd parents

Sisters...................Have a wonderful Brother-in-law

Nephews............. .Isabela is repeating EVERYTHING! purple she says pupo

English................. Learning Croatian

And I would continue but Isabela just woke up and she is banging on the crib and screaming; TAO! TETA, DADDY, TOO_TOO, (I DONT Hear mama yet,,,,,that is because she can't see me)
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