Friday, May 27, 2011

On the road again

We leave tomorrow on a road trip to Texas and I haven't even packed yet. We are driving for 12 hours and can only think of what snacks and games I will need for the many hours ahead of us.  My grandparents are so happy we are coming to visit. They haven't seen Beli in over a year and they can't wait to see how much she has grown.

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 I don't think the highway will look this empty tomorrow.  I just hope I don't see any rattlesnakes while in Texas!

ps. did you know the tallest hare in the world is in Texas? stay tuned for more pictures.

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Have a great weekend!


This past weekend we went to the National Alpaca show and I can't tell you how thrilled Beli was to see them! 

Beli wanted to hold one.

One of the owners at the show allowed Beli to pet the alpacas.

Beli to alpaca, "Hi! don't be scared, I want to be your friend."

(so much prettier than the snakes, right?)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

beware! snakes in my backyard

After a day of shopping I arrived home with hundreds of grocery bags. (don't hubbies tend to exaggerate when women go shopping?) I gathered my groceries from the back of the car and  began walking to our apartment but was distracted by a couple of bunnies on the front yard. I thought , "Beli will love to see them!" I hurried to our backyard so I could tell Beli about the bunnies.  I stopped to open the gate (we are fortunate our apt is fenced, for Beli's safety) so I had to put my groceries on the ground to unlock the gate. It was then I spotted something!  My heart was beating faster as I walked closer. And there it was, a snake all curled up, basking in the sun. I almost felt like I was the intruder. I know they are harmless, but still. Should I be worried? Then today Hubby was mowing our yard and he said he saw three more!

 I think this encounter has intensified my ophidiophobia!
what phobias do you have?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A daytrip to where the West lives

About 25 minutes from Denver is the very charming and historic town of Golden.  What drew us to this town was a family event to celebrate opening day at the Clear Creek History Park. We were late (we were on the other side of town visiting the Alpacas) so we missed the events and contests they had, such as: sack race, ring toss, wood stove cooking and pioneer games.

But it was not a complete loss of time because we still had the opportunity to take a walk through the park and there we discovered a western ranch (well, a replica of it). The park recreates the look and feel of a late 1800s mountain ranch. I really felt like I had been transported back in time!

We saw a schoolhouse, a working blacksmith shop, a vegetable garden, and a chicken coop with chickens included.

 Beli saw the chickens and said, "Baki tiene koka." (a Spanish-Croatian phrase which translates to: Grandma has chickens). She remembers the chickens from her Great-Grandma's farm in Croatia!

After the self-guided tour of the park, we continued along the creek which lead us to the downtown area. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling through the beautiful downtown area, admiring the many bronze sculptures, found a park for Beli, and treated ourselves to large scoops of sorbet/gelato/ice cream (your choice). I choose mango sorbet which was very good, especially after an afternoon of walking.

At the ice cream shop.

I love the architecture of this Inn.

 Hubby had a scoop of double vanilla ice cream and Beli chose strawberry sorbet.
Woody's , all you can eat wood fired pizza. Yum. will have to try it another time.

chocolate truffles

In Golden you will also find the world’s largest single site brewery – Coors! We didn't go because we had Beli with us, maybe another time we will come back and go on one of their free tours. (But to be honest, I would rather go to a wine tasting event!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful soul

some people have a way with words, they can express so beautifully what's in their heart, my friend is one of these people. 

You are so sensitive and delicate in your heart that I think you are expecting something more of life... but you don't know what exactly.....

Life is sometimes very difficult to live for sensitive people.

Your soul is so pure and light that you constantly feel aggressed by things, events, and people.... even dear people.

Being sensitive is a strength most of the time but can also be a weight sometimes. 
Every life event is lived at 100 %... and everything must be perfect, you in the middle, with your feelings and expectations...........
You are also a very intelligent person and you understand that the relief will come from yourself... this is why you say to yourself, "I must be a better person."

In fact you have the strength within you... and this is true.
A big power of love... you can offer spontaneously to everybody... not many people can be like you... this is partly why you suffer so much and can be depressed at times. You don't have to change... only be warned you will be fragile sometimes.
For the moment you have to see the positive part of this power : you can love, 
and it is magic.

pic: me
words: advice from my dear friend 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I want to be a ballerina

Friday we attended the free Cinderella performance by the International Youth Ballet. Despite chilly weather there was a large crowd attending. I was rooting for all the performers, they did an amazing job!

Aren't they darling? 
Beli: "Mami, she is Cinderella."  
Me:  "yes, she is, would you like to be a ballerina?"
 Beli replied: "yes, I want to be a ballerina." 

A nice evening under cloudy skies.
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