Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday celebration and lots of cake~

My precious Beli turns 5!
She is in such a hurry to grow up that if you ask her how old she is, 
her reply is, " I'm seven!"

But to us she is still our precious little girl.

We had two celebrations. Last month we traveled to Iowa to spend a weekend with my family.
Beli was confused if it was really her birthday.
Then we celebrated again this past Sunday.

I came across this carrot cheesecake recipe while reading my friend's blog, Loveaffair
and I thought it would be perfect for Beli's birthday.
To my dismay, Beli didn't like the carrot cheesecake, so hubby went and purchased a small cake from the grocery store. 

You can find the English version of the recipe, here

Some days, she is camera shy.

This was in Iowa. 

Showing off some of her artwork. 

Feliz Cumpleanos mi nina preciosa~ 
Happy birthday my precious girl.

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