Sunday, October 7, 2012

It was meant to be ~13.1

 The day of the race arrived (September 22) and I was experiencing  a mixture of emotions. I felt nervous, anxious , happy and sad.
 Nervous: because I worked the day before the race and I only had two hours to drive downtown to pick up my race number and make it in time for the inspirational dinner that evening.
Anxious: being my first race I didn't know what to expect.
Happy: because I didn't quit my training and at least I was trying for a half-marathon.
Sad: wasn't sure if my family could make it to the city to see me at the finish line.

But guess what?
All those emotions melted away when I began the race.
I was smiling
the whole course of the race!
You can see here for yourself.

Hubby made it and met me at the finish line ( Beli was at home with my Mother-in-law)

I ran the entire 13.1 miles and finished at 2:34:48. Not the best not the worst.
My knee was hurting around mile 8 but I knew I could make it another 5 miles. 

 so hubby asked what was next after the race and of course I replied , " next year bring on the 26.2 miles"!

But of course I will take my training more slowly to avoid Runner's Knee!
thank you for your words of support
I was very close to quitting
I was meant to run this race:
Let me explain. 
When I signed up with TNT
I knew this team was not only raising awareness but also financial support for leukemia ( I had no direct connection to the cause but I thought it was a good cause so I signed up immediately).

and I knew that it  was a rock and roll series event,
but what I  didn't know

 was that this race was in benefit 
of the
Prostate Cancer Foundation
the cancer
my Grandfather has
and so..
I was meant to race
this race.
only for myself
but also 
so many 

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