Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breakfast in the City~ yellow cabs

  Remember the post I wrote about sisters? Well I finally did it, I went to New York! After 5 years, my older sister and I met up in New York City. I arrived on Thursday and first thing I did got it..went to my favorite place for breakfast, Le Pain Quotidien.

 I ordered the breakfast special, mushroom kale and parmesean frittata. It was scrumptious! 

Belgian waffles,,,ummm the best!
The whole weekend was full of fun, exciting and memorable moments that I can't just write one post, so consider this part one of my trip....Stay tuned!
Central Park


  1. Great photos of your trip! I look forward to seeing part 2. :-)

  2. Oh, I will most definitely stay tuned! New York is one of the places I wish to visit one day. And looking at these pics I believe it's everything I'm expecting it to be! :)

  3. Six broken ribs (falling from a small roof) were enough to keep me knocked out for a little while.
    Shit happens they say, and so it did.

    Painkillers are the only good killers I'll ever know, as they helped me through those first horrible days.

    But as always, things get better, Christmas coming, Newyear soon to follow, so let's go again.

    To you, Davor, Beli and your many followers: Sretan Bozic i Novi Godina.

  4. What lovely photos! I've been living in NYC all my life, well since moving here from Croatia when I was 2, so pretty much all my life. It's always so interesting to me to see how other people see my city. I still have yet to go to Le Pain Quotidien.. I really should considering I live 4 blocks away from the one you showed on 58th! Sretan Božić!!

    By the way- not sure if you're still in NY, but Astoria has an amazing grocery called EuroMarket where I get all of my Croatian groceries. Haven't been able to perfect my lepinja and ajvar recipe, so I must buy them for now! Definitely try to check it out if you are able :)

  5. the waffles looks GREAT! The first photo you looks so beaty!

  6. Excellent images of your trip! New York is one of the locations I wish to check out one day.


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