Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life only happens in language

Language is a powerful tool, Beli used it to convince me to
buy her this big red Clifford dog at the flea market.
and she loves her new dog!
Today is the first day of #Nando25 challenge,
I invite you to read more about it here,

"The words we choose to use in our daily lives trigger responses that you're not even aware of half the time. Your life is happening all around you-because of the language you are using.
Choose your words wisely."


  1. Language "IS" a powerful tool! :-) I totally agree....every day!

  2. I agree- we tend to underestimate the power of language and words.

  3. if everybody speaks the same language, ánd listens too, peace is closer than ever before.
    pozdravi iz svinisce, pim

  4. adorable :) and so happy !!


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