Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer in Texas

Peach tree from my grandparents backyard

A pinata for our first ever family reunion, it was a hit!

Balmorhea State Park, Texas


Highlights from the month of August:
My parents came to visit us  to our Colorado home for the first time
I successfully made my first solo road trip (13 hours)with Beli.
There were 62 attendees at our family reunion ( and there were hundreds who did not make it)
I will probably have to step down and only run 1/2 marathon
I'm one year older and wiser??

So how are you doing my friends?
How are you spending your last weeks of Summer?


  1. Those peaches look lovely!

    I'm just trying to relax and keeping my husband company while he renovates our fixer-upper we just purchased!

    1. You bought a place of your own? Congrats!

  2. One year older and wiser you mean !!!! (no "???").
    Glad to read everything goes fine, and so are we.
    To your question about "last weeks of summer": "polako, sve polako", as temperature makes us either swim in the Cetina river (cool clear delight) or the Adriatic (less cool, but still great).
    Rest of the time is used for small jobs around the house, picking our melons, watermelons, tomatoes and keeping our young lemon trees and other plants alive.
    Life's great, so better enjoy it !!!

    1. What I meant was I'm one older but I don't know if I'm wiser, seems I still have a difficult time making decisions. For example, I hurt my knee and I can't accept not to continue running but I also don't want to injure my knee more. Decisions, decisions.
      enjoy your summer days, I read somewhere that there were talks of Johnny Depp showing up for the pirate days in Omis.

    2. Hope J.D. did'nt show up, as that pirate evening was'nt much more than a silly happening.
      Ok, it was nice, but not something to recommend as a "must see", so next year we won't drive down see it again.
      About knee and decisions, that's life, and you're never one hundred percent sure you made the right one.
      Just follow your heart, and GO for it.
      (Guess yo ate some of those peaches straight from the tree, simply the best).

  3. It's so cool that your grandparents have a peach tree in their backyard! I would love one in mine.

    PS: I'm hosting a giveaway for Sedwick Studios at my blog, hope you enter:

  4. Beautiful pictures, Elisa! Have a nice summer :)

  5. i think a half marathon is still incredible!


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