Thursday, April 1, 2010

When your Toddler calls you Mama Lisa

I'm soaking in the sun, sitting with my daughter and smiling at the blue, blue sea. I cherish these quiet moments I spend with Beli. Soon she will be all grown-up, ok not so fast, I'm not ready!

As you know, a week ago we were away on vacation and Isabela didn't travel with us. She stayed with my hubby's parents. I was worried about her being away from us for that length of time. I mean do children at this age, have a concept of time?

Well after 4 days we came back to pick her up and when she saw us she just stared at us, not saying a single word and I didn't know if she was thinking, "I'm mad at you, why did you leave me", or "I really don't know who you are". Grandma explained that she had a rough night, as she had a fever and didn't get much sleep. Maybe that was the explanation? And when she finally went into my arms she called me Mama Lisa. I tried not to show my disappointment because I knew she had been in good hands but my Isabela was no longer calling me Mama, or Mommy but rather Mama Lisa, after only f-o-u-r days. Maybe she needed time to adjust to having me around again?

This morning we went to the beach across from our apartment to 'luk at the san", as Beli would say. The sea is still too cold for a swim so we played with the pebbles.

Happy to report she is back to calling me Mama. Music to my ears! What about you, have you ever left your children in the care of a relative and what was your experience upon your return? What was their reaction? Did they still remember you?

I made a small video of our time at the beach and you can see why she called me Mama Lisa, because Baki had taught her the names of all the family members:Tata, Mama, Baki (grandma) and Dida (grandpa). Do I feel silly or what?

Translation: kako se zove means what is your name, his name etc...

Enjoy and have a Happy Easter!


  1. Omg, this story was too cute - I'm glad she's back to calling you Mama! And let me tell you, the two of you are just gorgeous :)
    That video was absolutely precious!

  2. Oh, so sweet at the beach. I enjoyed your pictures of Tuscany, too - it must have been a wonderful trip. Back to being Mama!

  3. Oh thank you Allison, Yes I'm very happy too!

  4. lol drago mi je da te opet zove Mama ;) pre slatka je!

  5. Hi G. I was wondering about your new name! It was a wonderful trip! and your post about the 'geraniums' was great to read about the different types. Hope you too had a wonderful Easter.

  6. Iva, Hvala! Odakle ste? you are too kind.


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