Sunday, March 6, 2011

Daily Reflections

swam in the sea
had fresh eggs from the farm
walked daily on the beach
picked olives, figs, sweet cherries, jalapenos, and tomatoes
 traveled to beautiful islands
met and made friends from all around the world
heard my daughter speak Spanish, English and Croatian all in one sentence
had the opportunity to meet the most wonderful man who brought thousands of smiles to my face
learned how to cook wonderful meals
had gelato as part of my daily diet.
did all of this
 during two of the most memorable, challenging, wonderful, happy years 
of living abroad.

 Our happy to be living in Croatia moments have officially come to an end, 
(hubby has safely  reunited with us in Iowa).

But now it's time to create new memories and learn more, much more!
These past three months I've cherished the time spent with my family.
We will soon return to Colorado (our previous home state before moving overseas)
I hope to continue blogging
to take you along my travels within the United States
share my thoughts on raising a multilingual child

and deciding which language to speak at home.
Many family members live overseas
I do foresee traveling  from time to time 
Croatia won't be a distant memory 
but a daily reminder 
to have balance in everything 
I do.
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~See you soon!


  1. tri-lingual! amazing :)

  2. awww, he is back...hurray!!!! you have so much adventure coming up :)

  3. multietnic your family..very nice and interesting :)

  4. I have been with you on part of your journey. I can't tell you how happy I am that the whole family is back together again in one place...because truly, that is what home Not what country you happen to live in. :-) Tell hubby: "Welcome!!" :-)

  5. thanks Kathleen!

    Krystal, we are very happy to have him back!

  6. I'm glad you'll continue blogging- I hear Colorado's a beautiful place! Also happy to hear the hubby is here with you and Beli.

  7. Ohh wonderful...I cant wait to hear all about your plans! I used to live in Wyoming and drive each weekend to Denver to meet friends:)Colorado is so beautiful, isnt it? Happy MOnday, darling

  8. Yes. you should cherish all the memories and all the opportunities life has brought you, just like you said in your post. Life is a journey and I wish you a good one!

  9. Elisa, your post is beautiful!!! Very well put!! I love that you said "Croatia won't be a distant memory but a daily reminder to have balance in everything I do". Congratulations on being reunited with your hubby. I'm very happy for you. I cannot wait to see the photos from Colorado!!! Good luck with everything! Hugs, Kaho

  10. How sad to leave, and how happy...the new beginnings, reuniting with the husband/daddy.
    The multilingual question is interesting. My parents spoke Hindi in the house (in California) when I was small, so I grew up speaking both it and English. I think being multilingual is fabulous.

  11. Dear Elisa,
    you just entered your very best blog ever!
    Enjoy life, feel lucky and blessed, keep going.

    And for Beli, if two languages go easily, why not try three, as long as she learns that English is her key to the world from now on.

    Speaking native Dutch, German, English, a bit of French and now pushing myselve to communicate in Croatian, I know it's easy when young and harder when older.


  12. Speak it all! Your kids will love you for it. So glad all is well and you are together.

  13. Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)
    Hugs and kisses

  14. thanks for your input on the balance post!! Lady, I wouldn't worry about what people think of your blog now that you've moved - you've always been so genuine and real so I think it's you that everyone loves no matter where you live. At least that's how it is with me!

  15. Amen to daily balance! I am heading to Italy this summer. Do you have any recommendations for a place to stay in Tuscany?


  16. How was the demonstration for authentic African cuisine? It sounds so fun:) Kisses, sweetie

  17. I love this post. Sad to hear that Croatia is over. Happy memories, though!


Thank you for your comments!

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