Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A book shop partners up with other indie businesses

photo via  Iowa backroads
As an avid reader, I'm always on the lookout for bookstores. You might remember my search for the bookstore in Croatia. Since returning to the States, I have had more time to explore book shops and so far I haven't been disappointed.

 A few days ago, I took my parents (who live in Iowa) out for coffee at the local coffee shop and as we were walking in, the building next door with its beautiful white marble pillars caught my attention.

Here is what I learned about this renovated historic building. It used to be a bank and now houses the independent bookshop Bookvault. The owner Nancy Simpson, a former librarian followed the advice she read in Warren Buffett's book, the Snowball to successfully manage her bookstore. Like a snowball, the shop started out small, then began gaining momentum. You can read more about it here.

The bookshop has been in business since December of 2005 and it offers a large selection of books, unique gift ideas, yoga classes, cooking demonstrations with their in-store chef Ruthi Rogers, and events like Day for Divas. How would you like to get cooking tips while sipping on a glass of wine or  fashion tips while getting a foot massage and drinking mimosas? Sign me up!

Travel therapy? Sign me up as well!
The kitchen area especially built for the the purpose of hosting its twice a month event, Cooking with Books. The schedule for cooking demonstrations  can be found here
utilizing former vaults to showcase books, what a great idea!

 Heading upstairs to the children's area.

 Next time I will bring Beli along, I think she will enjoy it here! Don't you love the shoe chandelier?

I purchased a few items and I signed up for their free membership. After every $100 dollars spent, you receive ten dollars off your next purchase, all you have to do is give them your name and it will be stored in their computer.
another former vault, this one houses children's books.

 I had a great shopping experience and excellent customer service. On my way out, I grabbed their monthly newsletter. Now I'm off to plan my Diva day. Have you come across independent bookshops with so much to offer? Please do share on the comment section.  Another one that comes to mind is also a favorite of mine, Tattered Cover ,the independent book shop located in Denver, Colorado.

 Hope you were inspired to grab a book and enjoy hours of reading!


  1. most interesting, i may have to make a trip to osky. i went to columbia, mo this weekend and went to this little tiny bookstore downtown, and was impressed. it is a book reselling and trading place, i love holes in the wall like that.

  2. Sarah, if you have a chance you should. I'm always impressed by the great selection of books you can't find other places. Plus, they have online services, my sister ordered a spanish book through them.

  3. what a neat bookstore! I love the vaults. Our starbucks is in an old bank, and they have private conference rooms in the vaults (without the locks). I love the idea of using an old bank's feel to create new spaces.

  4. This place looks really nice! I like how it looks so much more unique that chain bookstores and how they have the spaces for different activities. I don't think I've been to an independent bookstore, but I'll be on the lookout for them next time. Hope you enjoy planning for your diva day!

  5. What a cool book store. Bookvaults! Brilliant idea!! I love the doors that seems to be the legacy of a bank building and the owner did a great job decorating. Also, the cooking class idea is neat. You get inspired to buy a new cook book based on whether you liked the recipe or not. I would love to support more independent book stores than mega book stores that has stores all over the country. Great post!

  6. I could spend hours at that place. What a treat! I love bookstores, especially the children's book section!

  7. What a great post! I love book stores and libraries that have all kinds of activity!! I was entertaining the idea, at one time, of making myself a vintage grandmother outfit...Mother Goose style...and sitting in Libraries and reading poetry to children. It never went further than my mind, but what a great job that would be, huh?! :-)...Your photos also remind me of my other dream. To have my own shop full of my crocheted items, homemade cheesecake, and a dance floor with music and local artists featured...One day! One day!! :-)) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Excellent post. I love bookstores...

  9. Love the pictures, proving something good can come out of a rotten banksystem.

    Wonder if Croatia is in that book "Best in travel 2011" ?
    It should be !
    Lucky you to have found such bookstore, amazing, fantastic, and making me jealous.

  10. I am such a reader and this post just made my swoon! I love bookstores, and the promise of discovering new books to devour. This bookstore is INCREDIBLE - I'm having serious envy and am drooling over every single one of these pictures! Amazing :)

  11. I just want to hang out and sleep in this place.

  12. Lauren, how neat, a starbucks in a bank? I would love to see photos of the conference rooms.

    Tee, I have recruited my sisters and Mom, we need one more person to meet the requirement of 5 ladies and from 9:30 to 3:30pm we will be pampered!we just need to pick a day that will work for all of us. If you do find that shop please do share the details.

    Kaho, thanks for the compliment! yes I also love the idea of cooking demonstrations. The second week of March, they will be preparing authentic African cuisine and the cost is unbelievable, only $5 dollars!

  13. That is such a beautiful place and all those creative areas are so inviting:) Glad you ejoyed your visit, sweetie. Have a lovely day

  14. Amanda, I know! It's a neat area for kids right?

    Poetess, awww what a neat idea Debbie, you should bring it up to your local library, you never know where that may lead you! Don't give up on that dream! I would stop by even fly cross-country to taste your famous cheesecake!

  15. @briskmama, thank you!

    @Pim, unfortunately croatia didn't make it in the 'top ten (cities) to visit'. I know I was shocked!

    @Allison, since I read your post about Dr. Seuss, I will have to return to look for that book!

    @Matt Very inviting, indeed!

  16. What an incredible bookstore! Would love to have one like that in my hometown!

  17. Really? Only 5??? I hope you'll blog about it if you go! I would love to see what you cook.

  18. That is such a pretty bookstore! I love the exterior too.

  19. seriously? that is TOO COOL! I'm going to go there!


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