Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Colors of Summer

Lately, have been inspired by arts and crafts. 

My friend took her niece to a family art class and invited Beli and I to join them. We happily said yes!
The theme that day was seahorses.

Much talent.

Beli did an amazing job sitting for almost two hours. She kept asking me for more colors.

My friend drawing a seahorse. I wished I had taken a final picture of the painting, it was very cool!
Beli's art work.

Ta, da! this lovely canvas is proudly displayed in our living room. A perfect gift for my birthday!

I had to work on my birthday (it happened last weekend) and I was nicely surprised by hubby and Beli with a cake and candles.
Hubby  told me that Beli patiently waited for me to arrive so she could have some cake. Awwww.
I blew the candles and made one wish.
One wish only.

Strangely, I feel that I still have so much to learn about life. 
Thank you for all your comments about suggestions for my photos. The packages keep arriving in the mail and I'm running out of space!LOL 
 I have been so busy adjusting at work that when I come home, I barely have time to make dinner, bond with Beli, and prepare to do it again the following day. Maybe it's because I have been out of the workforce for so long that I still can't accept that this is how it's going to be. 
At least, it's a happy chaos!
 Beli keeps us grounded. 
Her smile, her innocence, her giggles remind me to stay in the present and stop thinking about the past, about what our life was before returning to the States. 
Sometimes I feel so isolated.
Strange hu?
How do you stay  in the present?
What keeps you grounded?


  1. Don't feel isolated my lovely. You have Beli, a darling husband and sweet blogfriends asking after you when you have not posted for sometime;-)
    Beli is an artist in the making I see. I adore her artwork.

    I have been teaching the child of a friend to paint. Said child has only recently turned Four.
    You wouldn't believe the effect it has on tiny children. Glad to see you posting. With XX

  2. I love your post. This particular one is fabulous....brought a smile to my face. I practice yoga often to help keep me grounded and aware....

  3. I'm forever 'in' the present, so I never lose track of it. I stay grounded through writing, creating, staying close to friends, being honest in all things (feelings included), and not taking myself too serious. Be diligent to stay grounded though. This strange thing called "work" can steal the ground right from under you if you're not careful!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Mine is on Friday, and I have to work as well. My sister and goddaughter are coming over later that evening to cook a birthday meal, so it's going to be great after all.

    This post is so full of life and such beautiful, precious things! It made me smile. :) I know what you mean by not having enough time for everything. It's the same for me, as my workdays are a little over 10 hours every day. But as soon as I get back home and see our two dogs greeting me with so much love and enthusiasm, I forget about everything else. They, and of course my husband, are my whole life. <3

  5. Never ask a lady for her age !
    Why not ?
    Just look at the birthday cake !
    Ha Ha Ha, happy birthday anyway, and Davor: you should be very proud to have such a young darling wife !!
    Tip from an old "fool":
    to keep each and everything organised (job, hobby, life), do look at this website:
    Simply the BEST organiser for people in the middle of life.
    Used it during my working years, erased all work related stuff, and reloaded it with everything about Croatia, cooking, gardening and all that matters today.
    Don't feel isolated, don't look back, bless your life as it is, stuffed with so many special moments, and still so many to come !!!!
    Wish I was 35 again (well, not really, I am happy with my 63 years, however it took me 62 years of blood sweat and tears to get that far).
    And keep posting !!!!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Beli is the budding little artist--she did a great job. I try to keep myself in the present to stay grounded. It is so incredibly hard though--i find myself feeling lonely often as well. Call a family member or friend to help perk you up :)

  7. Happy birthday Elisa! I remember baking a cake out of the box for my mom, while she pretended she did not see what I was doing in the kitchen. Those cakes are the best. Love the art work of the little princess.

  8. @ Fashion, I think it's wonderful that you are sharing your talents, especially with little kids. Enjoy your time in Jamaica, you look radiant my dear!

  9. Charlane, I only get a monthly massage, but I don't think that's enough, maybe I should consider practicing yoga as well.

  10. Poetess,
    Your daily poems always inspire me. You are a wonderful writer and have a great sense of humor.

    I'm so sorry about what you and your family are going through. Stay strong my friend.

  11. Ansku happy birthday to you as well!! It seems the both of us have been kidnapped by work!LOL I have been enjoying reading your tiny little stories. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Pim, aww thanks, I will have to check out that website. We have friends living in Boston that have extended family in Podstrana, in fact they were just there last week visiting!

  13. I'm sorry, I'm reading your blog from your newest post, so my previous comment was a bit inappropiate, big apologies x
    Happy belated Birthday Elisa!

  14. I am so impressed that you still blog while you work full time and take care of your family. You should give yourself a pat on your back! You're doing great. Happy Birthday! Wow, your chocolate cake looks dangerously delicious. You look beautiful in the black and white photo! To answer your questions, it is my kids who keep me in the present. My kids and hubby keep me grounded. I'm thankful.

  15. what a beatyfull pictures, HBP good bless you!


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