Friday, September 16, 2011

Breakfast in Ouray

this is part one of our road trip to Southwest Colorado.
I had asked some of my friends for advice. 
I didn't know if it was feasible to visit 3 to 4 cities in one weekend.
One friend suggested it was possible, but we would be spending most of our time
in the car. And she was right!
Here are some photos along the way.
 Drove by the Blue Lake and into the
Black Canyon,

Our first destination
was the town of Ouray, 
also known
as the "Switzerland of America."

charming original Victorian structures
 A walk around town before breakfast.
Unfortunately, we didn't have time to relax in the Hot Springs Pool

Off to our next destination, Telluride!


  1. A delightful road trip - great pics
    Helen xx

  2. Colorado is beautiful! I can see that Ouray is called Switzerland of America. Absolutely gorgeous. I have never been to Colorado and now after seeing your photos, I really want to visit! My husband actually talked about going to Colorado during this past summer, but our stay in the States got cut short, so we didn't get to. Maybe someday... I love seeing the blue sky!!

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  4. you travel so much. congrats! God bless you


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