Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grape clusters sitting on a vine

(images from hubby's grandparents farm in Croatia)

All the time I spent living overseas,
and I can't recall the local brands
so I was happy to come across an article about Croatian wines,
you can find the article here
If you live near San Francisco you should try the donkey plavac with a balkan burger!

Do you prefer red or white wine?
favorite brand?

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I love the images of Croatia
    One day I plan to visit this bautiful country.
    If I drink wine, it is red.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Helen xx

  2. Was it Croatian Malvasia perhaps?
    So ashamed to reveal you that I do not drink any wine, despite the fact I'm!

  3. So you found Cliff Rames, the ultimate Croatian wine expert.
    Great indeed, and believe me, once you start following his steps you're addicted to a daily glass of Croatian wine.
    (And to Helen Tilston: try to find some Krauthaker white wines, especially their Grasevina and Pinot Sivi will make you love Croatian whites as well).

    (I am lobbying to get "someone" into writing the Croatian wine book, which in my opinion would be a fantastic guide to as well the grapes, the wines and the country).
    In English of course !!!!!

  4. Helen, when you do let me know, I can recommend a few 'must sees'. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  5. Oh red wine, definitely! but since I'm pregnant, I'm off the alcohol. Great photos, Elisa! :)

  6. Elisa, these are gorgeous pictures - you definitely need to frame your photography, you have so much talent! :)
    (And don't worry about Beli in restaurants - what annoys me is kids who are running around near me and their parents are just sitting unfazed - her being opinionated is adorable).
    I'm a huge red wine fan and typically prefer it over white, unless it's Santa Margherita pinot grigio. It is SO good it temporarily converts me to white! :)

  7. Michela, LOL! do your friends/family give you a hard time about it?

  8. Hey Pim, I think I came across a wine book, let me see if I can find the link. I'm fascinated by the grapes and I'm always amazed at the 'flavors' which describe the wines, "..with a hint of peach, etc.." I can never tell the difference!"

  9. Jodi, I had no idea, congratulations!!!!!

  10. Hi Elisa,
    if you can find THAT book, please let me know.
    Not only the natural diversity of Croatia is great, each and every spot, valley, island seems to have its own type of grape, wine, taste.
    What a country indeed, and I just love to spread the news, the more (visitors) the better !

  11. Familiar pics, we just finished grape harvest in Hungary... In Croatia I use to prefer white wines, but it's not to choose while on holiday...

  12. We actually have wrote the book on Croatian wines by starting with Dalmatia and then following up with Istria next year and the Continental area.

  13. Allison, thank you for your compliments, I just completed ordering another set of photos, I really want to start framing them.


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