Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday~

An empty table?
not anymore! We'll take it. Beli and I had ice cream and enjoyed a lovely afternoon outside the
cafe. I bet if you were in Europe an empty table would not be a common thing. 
Too bad  we have to drive everywhere.

~Have been fighting off the flu,
first Beli, then hubby and now me. 
How are you doing?


  1. How beautiful!...Beli...and the photo. Not the flu!....that's ugly.....Very, very ugly!

  2. so true about the empty table :) can't believe how big beli is getting from when i first started reading you :)

  3. We've got SPRING !!!
    Cherries blossoming, and (ask Davor) the tjuk (a small owl) is back.
    I even saw one of the shops opened it's ice cream buffet again, so must go for some.
    No flu, just sunshine and T-shirt, and a lot of small jobs to do.
    Planting potatoes, onions, young beans and seeding a lot more, so let the summer come !
    And about those empty tables, even during the European crisis, and high unemployment rates, Croats seem to always have those seven or eight kuna's to pay for an espresso on a sunny terrace.
    And right they are, and so are we, living here.

  4. what a gorgeous picture of beli ;) I went through the same over here, everybody sick, one at a time, for over three weeks. hope you get better soon !!


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