Friday, November 2, 2012

New Inspiration

My Mother-in-law has been visiting us for a few weeks now (from Croatia) and she continues to amaze me with her talent. This is her new creation. My husband asked if she could make us a painting for our living room. and this is what she made today.


  1. New inspiration indeed. Your mother in law is such a talented lady. Adore the first pic especially. Bon weekend;)

  2. Wish I had only 10% of her talent !!!
    Saw some previous work of her, but here she truly is excellent, totally free of conventions, a true artist.
    Do give her my compliments please !!!

    (All's fine in Dalmacija, a bit dew in the morning, but during the day sunny and mild.)

  3. She has incredible talent - I'm blown away by all of this. I can see why you would be inspired by her! xox

  4. whatever the reason, Nó, I hope it's a góód reason new posts are missing.
    Dear Elisa, Davor and Beli, we wish you a great 2013.
    Sretan novi godine, happy newyear, pim and nives.


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