Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dos Mil Trece~ 2013

Nuevo Ano~ New Year
New Opportunities
New Challenges
New Memories
New Goals

I've been absent from blogging for months (not sure why I haven't been as motivated to do so...)

was amazing
 and heart- breaking.
New Year's Resolutions?
Like most people I want to eat healthier, travel more, be a better person.
So 2013.
I welcome you.

What about you, what are your new year's resolutions?


  1. I wish you and your family, to be healthy, happy and good in all!
    Have a great 2013, dear Elisa!

    1. thank you Mihaela. I wish you the same. May 2013 be all you hope it will be. Have a wonderful start of the year.

  2. Happy new year to you and the family. Looking forward to more of your blog posts this new year;)

    1. Thank you Barbara. I should make the time to blog more.

  3. You asked for it:
    My motto for 2013 is as simple as can be (like last year): "do, do good and do so with all your heart".
    No more, no less, consciousness is all it takes.
    Feliz año nuevo (with some help of google translate).
    Glad to see you're alive and kicking !

    And...the good thing about goals, travelling, challenges was, is and will always be:
    Keep moving forward, stay happy, be good, spread some love !
    Pozdravi iz Svinisce, Pim.

    1. thanks Pim! it was actually your email that prompted me to start moving again! I miss blogging and keeping up with all my friends.
      I couldn't agree with your motto. Simple is what I'm after. and great job on the spanish translation!!


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