Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Magical City

Magical city or Carobni Grad has finally opened its doors at the Poljud Stadium here in Split. It is a new place for children to come and enjoy an afternoon of fun.

And as you walk in you are greeted by a giant whale.

This facility promises to have it all: endless activities for children, an exercise floor including dance lessons for women and for dads well, lets just say they will play along with their kids.
Once inside there is a sitting area with contemporary red and white furniture and a coffee shop. Or you can have your coffee on the go. Have to keep an eye on those kids right? By the way did I mention they have nannies?

After registering your child you are guided into the next room and this is where the fun begins.

Parents are asked to wear disposable booties and children must remove their shoes.

Tea anyone??Beli loved the kitchen area..Hmmm wonder where she gets that from?

I love this wallpaper! Considering it a decorating theme for her room.

And off we go to visit the grocery store!

Overall, this place is a wonderful idea. A new concept for the city of Split and many parents including us are excited about this place. With colder days on the forecast we need new ideas and games to keep our little energy bunnies occupied.

For the price of 35 kunas your child can enjoy endless hours of fun.

Nannies keep an eye on the kids while parents drink that much needed cup of coffee. A relaxing way to ease into the holidays. OK, maybe I am speaking for myself.

Yes, I think we will be frequenting this place many, many times!


  1. Oh what a fun place for a princess!

  2. I wish a happy new year 2010! Many greet from Split, Croatia - Heiko

  3. Karen,she had a wonderful time, we already went a second time!


    Thank you Heiko! A Happy new year to and your family as well.

  4. and they even have a nanny there! that did it for me! cris


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