Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Let the credit cards do their magic! This would have been my statement a year ago when we lived in the States and I had a job. But not this year, this year we are living in Croatia and lucky for us, Christmas here is all about the children. That is how it should be right? Gifts for the kids and for the adults, an opportunity to eat all those yummy treats Grandma makes. Yes I like this new tradition.

On our way to the shopping center.

Beli turned 20 months old yesterday and as you know our birthday tradition: we celebrate her birthday every month. Feliz cumpleanos princesa!

At the children's department store.

This is what she picked out for herself!

And it costs how much????????????????

Let the drums roll..........

$399.00 kunas! or $81.42 US dollars to be exact. But do keep in mind this price already includes the 23% sales tax. So really before tax it is $61.42 that sounds BETTER right? Still, I don't think we will be purchasing it.

Ok, Lets move on to the book section!


  1. como queesa Dora--esta por tonde quiera! So I surprised your mom today with a call that left her surprised--I was going to keep it a secret of me being here, but then I wasn't sure when I'd be in Osky so I figured I should give up the surprise--cause can you imagine her finding out that I was here for 3 days and not telling her? Oh LORD!

    It's great that you are starting new traditions and Beli will look back one day--with her in shades, the beach, the Papa Noel and thank you both!

  2. glad you are having great times with Beli. Learning lost of new things.

  3. Lisa can you tell me how to do this blog. I want to start one for 2010!!!!

  4. Sorayda I will be more than happy to tell you all about it. Let me know when you are ready!


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