Friday, December 11, 2009

Scenic pictures from Znjan to Bacvice Beach

I began jogging. Yes, again. For the fourteenth time. But this time I am hoping to stick with it. After all, I have someone to be accountable to. Me.

I must admit the path I use to jog from Znjan to Bacvice beach is quite picturesque and motivational. It pushes me to continue running when I feel like quitting. This particular morning, I remembered to bring my camera along. There are many photo opportunities and the photographer in me said, "next time bring YOUR camera."

These are the photos I took this morning.

I will jog along with you.

This always takes my breath away. Or is it the fact that I have been jogging for half-an-hour and I am just out of breath?

Outside Zenta marina.

Seagulls flying around an abandoned boat.

Catch me if you can.

Bacvice Beach.
Another cafe...Seriously I think I counted about 10 of them. Who needs Starbucks right?
Jogging through the Zenta Marina. Oh, and to your left is the restaurant Velo Misto. Great Pizza. Ok, why am I mentioning food?
Walking the dogs party.
Enjoying the sunshine on this quiet morning.

Narrow sidewalk. Somedays, when it is windy you have to be cautious as the waves come crashing against the wall and you might have to run very fast to avoid getting wet.
Heading back home.

Taking a break.
Walking hand in hand.
Seeing these surroundings is what I enjoy the most during my morning jog.
How or what helps you stay motivated?


  1. Dreaming of going back to Split - thanks for posting your photos!!!!!

  2. Hi @skurobasa
    Are you from Split? It's a beautiful city! Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  3. Hi Elisa, my husband is from Split. His family lives on Znjan. We live in Toronto, Ontario Canada with our three kids.

  4. From Znjan? Really! that's great. One of our neighbors is from Toronto.

  5. I have heard more and more people have been moving back - don't think it will be a possibility for us until we are closer to retirement, but, you never know! For now we will live for vacations!


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