Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A day out with Tata and Mama

These past few days we have been spending every single minute playing with Isabela. I think it has to do with our upcoming trip this weekend and she won't be coming along. Grandma and Grandpa will be babysitting and well, even though hubby nor I say it aloud, we are already missing her!

This morning we walked over to the playground to see her jump on the trampolines near our neighborhood, Znjan. She insisted on getting dressed herself. All winter I tried convincing her to wear this winter hat and today just like that, she put it on. No fuss.

Friends she made along the way!

Where is Mommy?..........

Right here! Enjoying my Kava s Mlijeko, coffee with milk.

And now I ask, where is Beli?

There she is. Time to go home!


  1. hahah she looks adorable in that hat!!

  2. looks like a lovely playground! here you can only find such areas inside! I love her had with the big "pompoms" on

  3. Nani, she was shaking her head to the sides so the 'pompons' would also shake, and she was giggling away!

  4. Babs all of these playgrounds are outdoors,so when winter came, we thought now where do we take her to play? luckily we now have 1 indoor playground that opened on christmas day. It made alot of parents happy!

  5. Do you know that the Romanian words for Mother and Father are Mama and Tata?

  6. really? that is cool, now I can say I know two Romanian words! hehe

  7. Good morning to you and your darling little Beli. I love Williams-Sonoma in all it's overpriced glory! They do have good sales. Just this morning, I had a delicious marmalade on my Irish Soda Bread. It was a pricey one from W-S but I got it on sale. It was quite good but not worth the regular price. Have a wonderful trip!



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