Monday, March 29, 2010

Road Trip to Tuscany

We were exhausted from all the walking we did yesterday but we still had one more museum to visit before we left to San Gimignano and it was The Bargello.
A former residence of the chief of police and a prison now you can find a wide collection of Renaissance sculptures by Donatello, Michelangelo, and Cellini to name a few.

In the courtyard.

Afterwards we drove about 45 minutes south of Florence to the town of San Gimignano otherwise known as the city of beautiful towers.

This small town is mainly famous for its medieval architecture. Only 14 of the original 76 towers have survived.

We stopped at the shop,Podere La Marronaia to purchase some of their Intenso red wine and we asked the owner if she lived around the area and her reply was "I live here," as she pointed up to the picture on the wall. My jaw dropped! Breathtaking right?

Our hotel was originally priced at 120 euros, yeah I know,*pricey* but it was such a charming place that I asked if she would consider 80 euros as that was the price I was quoted at other hotels in the area, she came back with 85. I laughed, ok we'll take it, I replied.

Tomorrow we are meeting with hubby's friend from Denver, Colorado. He and his wife's family rented a villa for a family reunion and we were invited to have brunch with them. So stay tuned for more of the Tuscan countryside.


  1. Lovely. I would love to go see Italy someday. Maybe a year or two. We first have to go see family in South Africa next year!

  2. So chic in your white coat!!

  3. HT, I would love to see photos of South Africa when you make that trip, will it be the first trip for your twins? I have a classmate in my Croatian class who is from Cape Town.

  4. @petitepaloma, Cris indeed it was a wonderful trip.

  5. Tuscany makes me drool....
    and...yes your white coat is fab ! :-)

  6. Lala thanks!
    and I agree with you about the drool part, me too.


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