Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Croatia Time

"Mami quiero chai!"

I woke up confused and wondered what time it was. "Mami, quiero chai," repeated Beli. I called out to my hubby who was in the living room, "Beli wants tea." He walked in and greeted us good morning and as I rubbed my eyes I asked for the time, he replied "it's 12:30 and my parents have invited us for lunch." For clarification purposes I asked, "is that Iowa or Croatia time?" He said, "Croatian time." Wow, I didn't realize how tired I was. This jet-lag is no joke, but then again, I was up for 24 hours straight so I guess that takes a toll on your body. Hint.hint. I'm not getting any younger.

In a way, I feel like the trip to Iowa was a dream. Weird hu? Has this ever happened to you, that you go on vacation and then wonder if it was real? (Note: I'm working on several posts from the trip Beli and I took to the States, but I also wanted to keep you posted on our current day to day activities.) Thanks for being patient.

And it's only been 2 days since we arrived and Beli is ready to travel again! Our next destination? Grandma's house!

For lunch: Mussels in olive oil, fresh parsley and garlic with warm bread from the oven. Delicioso!

And for dessert, a yummy white layered fruit cake. Did I mention what a great cook my mother-in-law is? How did you spend your weekend? By the way is it raining world wide?


  1. ohh! these mussels! I fancy mussels now - they look yummy!! :) I remember the jetlag when I came back from the states, it's horrible, you are knackered for several days. am sure Beli will help you forget lol.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful trip. I'm sure the family time was great.

    btw those mussels look delicious!

  3. I have so enjoyed catching up with you and your charming family. It has rained at my house every day for the last week. Thank goodness today we have a bit of sun.

  4. It was raining here all last week...Today is the first day without the rain :) She is such an adorable little princess!!!!
    The cake looks good too :)
    Kisses and enjoy your time :)

  5. Babs I forgot to mention they go well with with wine! And yes, I agree with this jet-lag, my days and nights are all mixed up.

  6. @biking in Heels, We had a wonderful time but sadly we had to say goodbye. That's the difficult part, but I also have a second family here, and for that I'm very blessed.

  7. Sherry, today we finally saw sunshine horray! I can't wait for further details about your trip. and keep up with your photos, they are amazing.

  8. What a life you have! It must have been wonderful visiting all of your family. Yes, pictures are wonderful, especially when you don't see your family enough.
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Good luck with the jet-lag,

  9. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    "happy jetlag" Elisa, and take your time to get down to earth again.

    it's, by the way, amazing that Beli recovered much quicker than any grownup (and I do know those after flight feelings for sure).
    even worse I remember the non-smokers regime in the USA, so what a joy it is to be in Croatia (for a smoker like me).

    when you asked "how did you spend your weekend" well, on saturday I recovered my young vegetables from fifty liters of rain per square meter, and lokking at the rampa I restored jst earlier from an even bigger "tsunami".

    sunday as usual here in our valley working halts, and its time to relax and make plans for another pile of work to do.

    please as soon as you like to contact me by mail so we can exchange mobitel nrs. to have you trying to grow jalapeno's in croatia.

    vidimose, pim i nives (my wife)

  10. oeffff, are you being spoiled by that excellent mother in law/cook/artist of yours.
    (however I don't like mussels, they look super, but for such a strawberrycake I am willing to fly around the world and back, any day !!!).


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