Sunday, May 13, 2012

From April to May~ updates

 It has been a busy time since our return from Iowa!  
Since the mid week in March we put an offer to buy a property and four days before the end of April we finally had the approval from the bank for our loan. This meant: four days to move out of our apt, clean, pack and I was working the whole time! Hubby did most of the cleaning and taking care of  Beli.  I'm a lucky person. We moved in to an apt with no furniture and slowly we have been unpacking and buying appliances. 

 On the second day at our new place, we had visitors! I heard a knock on our door and a neighbor came to tell us that the unit next to us was on fire! I panicked. I was alone with Beli and we rushed out of the house to soon learn that it was only the dryer that was on fire. What a relief! No one was hurt.  We returned to our home and there was no damage to our place, just the smoky smell!
 Beli started gymnastics and she loves it! 
  Beautiful view of the Rockies.
 Beli loves her 'new home'.

Our weekend project: to get started on building a small planter box for a small garden. After visiting the farmer's market last Sunday we decided that we really wanted fresh produce in our back yard.

Happy Mother's Day~ gift from Beli. I'm so proud of her,  she wrote her name all on her own. 

A new neighbor. Saw him this morning as I was leaving to my first training. 
I've signed up to run a marathon on September 22, 2012.
I know, I'm crazy! 
I've created a link here if you are interested to read how I'm doing!
I can use your support and words of encouragement.

 Our meeting point before running our first 5K.

 Beli received a package today from Croatia.
Baki sent over lots of goodies. 
How we miss her! But she is doing a great job taking care of my Father-in-law. His recovery is going well.
And we are so grateful.

 Well, I think that's all for now!
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Now that we finally have Internet service I shall be writing on a more regular basis.
I've missed this place.
How is everyone doing?


  1. WOW! You've got a lot going on!!...A move and a half marathon!! O_O Have fun!...I'm just creating more crochet flower necklaces and keychains. Need one for your new house keys?! ^_^ I'll gladly donate a free necklace and key chain to YOU. With the 'on the move' things you're doing you'd be great promotion for me! ^_^ I know! I know!...Well, some of us run marathons and some of us run our mouth! LOL

  2. Congrats on being an owner to an apartment! How scary is it to learn that your next door neighbor had fire!! Glad it wasn't serious. Good luck with marathon training! You're brave!!

  3. Congrats on being an owner - it seems like you're taking a ton of huge steps all at once. Good luck with your training! You're so tough, dear Elisa :)

  4. Think I know that bear, happily living in the usa now.
    Good to know it's alive and kicking !


Thank you for your comments!

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