Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Medo~ our beloved Bear

When Medo lived in Croatia

Bear has found a new home with us in Colorado.
A gift from a friend we met in Split, Croatia
Read about the origin of the bear here.

Thanks Pim! and don't worry Medo is in good hands 
and soon
 he will be going on vacation to Disneyland!
 In a few weeks we'll be traveling to California to meet the other medo (Winnie the Pooh) and Mickey too.

~I've never been to Disney, have you?


  1. ^_^ Cute!...I've never been to Disney'land'. It's on the complete opposite coast from me, but I've been to Disney 'World' numerous times! I loved it thoroughly every time!...Wear very comfortable shoes, take lots of money, be prepared to 'go with the flow', and HAVE FUN!!! :-)

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    2. We considered Florida but Hubby has an aunt in Cali so we decided to make it a trip to see family as well. We bought our plane tickets and they are a bargain compared to the park entrance! But it will be worth it when we see Beli's face!! Can't wait.

  2. Awe, how cute! I had a teddy bear when I was little. His name was Happy, as in Happy Birthday, because I got him on my 4th birthday in Estes Park! He is in my closet now. Love him!

    You're going to LOVE Disney, and Beli is going to freak! Have so much fun!

    1. Now that you mention Estes Park we haven't taken Beli there! Do you remember the elks? They are on people's front yards, yeap just lounging there. LOL.

      Half of the excitement will be to see Beli's reaction when she sees Mickey!

  3. Your cutest post ever (to me) !
    Thanks a lot, and glad "medo" found such a loving little "mother" to take care of her.
    I feel honored, pleased and touched about it.
    Still have a lot of pictures from the time it/she/he was my travel companion.
    Might post a couple more on my blog some day (and I will).

    About Disneyworld: faaantaaaastic for kids and companions, a "tiny little bit" to crowded for me however :-( but perhaps I am getting a bit to old for it).
    For sure you're gonna have an unforgettable time there, just by sharing Beli's amazement and joy.

    And take some aspirin, water and earplugs with you, as you'll be overwhelmed by it all.
    Oh dear, guess you now understand the ultimate value of our hidden valley to us.

  4. So cute! I can't wait to hear about your trip to Disneyland. :)

  5. Hi!

    What finally made you decide to move back? I am an American/Croatian living in Croatian with my 3 kids and my Croatian husband.. however, we are contemplating moving back. I am very interested in what your reasons were!

    Thanks :)


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