Friday, October 16, 2009

18 months today

As you know we celebrate every month that Isabela becomes a month older. I am thinking we may stop when she turns two years old and after that celebrate yearly? Not sure at this point. But we started celebrating every month since the time my Mom prepared a picnic when Isabela turned 3 months old then my mother in-law baked a cake the following month and since then it feels wrong if we don't continue the monthly tradition of either baking her a cake, or just doing something fun.

Today we took her to the shopping center and we purchased a new addition to her toy collection. Now she has ELMO. So Elmo "welcome to the club!"

She is doing amazing with her language skills. Since we are currently living in Croatia she has picked up alot of new words in addition to speaking Spanish and English. I was worried she would be confused and her speech would be delayed but her little brain is like a sponge absorbing everything she hears. She is a social butterfly. I think she takes after her grandparents. Sorry I don't have a better picture of her dressed up. Maybe next month?

I am going to list some of the words she is able to say/understand:

Konj (pronouces Koee), Patka and says quak-quak, muu (cow), meehhh (sheep), teza (bird), piggy, pas and says wuawua, dogo, tutlo, abacho (abrazo), koka (chicken), mat-za and says meow, medo, bye, dai (when giving you something), mama, mami, tata, daddy, avua(agua), monkee , moco, buk (book), beba, bol (ball), hippo, pipi, poop0o, papa, mimi, shu (shoe), baby, naka (naranja), meeko, (milk), zeko,glava, oko, nos, uho, usta, ruka, noga, pupak, du-du (her Uncle Dragan), Dida, Baka, Apis, Nano, Dodo (Dominik), Oma(Roman), Eta (Ethan), Amo, pampeer (pamper).

Happy 18th month Isabela.

Volim Te! Mammy and Daddy,


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