Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not the dress type

It's my nephew's birthday today and Beli is not very happy about wearing a dress to the party!
We comprised and she wore the dress for a few minutes,
 then it was back to pants and a shirt!
I guess I don't blame her. She would rather be wearing something comfortable.. just like her Mama!
Happy 4th Birthday, Dominik! (he is the one on the left side, then David 3 yrs, and Beli 2yrs). They are the inseparable cousins. 

My older sister, (Dominik's mom) and me.
(no dresses for us either!)
So what about you? what's your style?


  1. She looks like a little princess, Little red riding hood. I do not blame her for changing. Who would run in a dress.

  2. haha--I was totally a dress girl and had to wear one every day, even under my snowsuits. I still love dresses to this day, but I can see how Beli wants to keep up with the boys.

  3. Whether or not she liked the dress, she looks adorable in both looks! She is such a pretty little girl, Elisa! :)
    And you are gorgeous as always - you have amazing style!

  4. That first picture is absolutely precious!

  5. Aww..what a sweetie! That dress is really pretty but I totally get that she wanted to be comfy. Kids love running around and having fun, dont they?
    For me its all about mix of both. As long as my skirts are comfy I can wear them all the time:) Happy Sunday, sweetie

  6. Jelena, haha, yeap, she tugged at her dress and cried out that she didn't like it. It fit her just right, but she had a hard time keeping up with her cousins going up and down the stairs!

  7. Lauren, she doesn't want to be left behind!LOL

  8. Allison, thank you for the compliments!

  9. aww but it's such a pretty pretty red dress!!!

  10. Awwww. I love the first picture of Beli covering her face with the hands! She looks very pretty though! I love pants style, but I do enjoy dressing up, too!

  11. I'm a jeans girl. But oh my, these pictures are amazing! My girl is also not happy about fancy dress, so it cracks me up. So cute, all of you!! ox


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