Tuesday, April 26, 2011

collection of rain drops

 I took these photos while I was waiting in the car for my sister to make a few purchases at a consignment shop. I was too tired to go in so I waited with both of my nephews and Beli. We sang songs and more songs then the kids were getting bored so I grabbed my camera and began taking photos of them and of the rain. Wished we had our umbrellas, we could have danced in the rain!


  1. Oh! I love photos of rain!!! And I love even more that you did something that I like to do on rainy days...Sit in the car and play music! ^_^ (I'm usually alone though. No nephews and nieces to stop my singing...I like that!)

  2. these are so beautiful!!!!

  3. You should enjoy every aspect that nature gives us. I personally love the rain, but when i have my umbrella with me. Did not buy the rubber trendy boots yet!

  4. and they do look special. I bet is all the happiness inside the car that got reflected in the raindrops :)


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