Friday, April 22, 2011

It's not about tax day or Easter, but a wedding anniversary

When we tell friends that our wedding took place on April 15, we always get one of two comments, "ah, you married on tax day" or "how convenient for your husband, being an accountant he will always remember his wedding day." Then hubby and I laugh and together reply that it has nothing to do with tax day or his profession, rather it has to do with Easter.

Six years ago, while on an Easter hunt with my nephew, hubby proposed. He placed the ring inside a plastic egg. My older sister knew he would propose, so she insisted that I help our nephew to open his goody filled easter eggs. I remember telling my nephew, " look Ethan, there is some candy inside this egg." Then I opened another egg, and there I found the ring. I thought, "hmm this is strange, why is there a ring inside a plastic egg?" Then hubby, who was looking from a distance, came forth and got on one knee and said, "will you marry me?"

 I said yes, and a year later we got married in Colorado.

 We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Iowa. My older sister and brother-in-law presented us with a very special gift, a dinner reservation to Zins, a very nice restaurant known for their small plate concept. 

We didn't have an appetite for dinner since earlier that day, we celebrated Beli's birthday. Instead we ordered drinks, toasted to our marriage and shared this yummy dessert, it was called Gooey Looey, fun name right?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with friends and family. What plans do you have? and if you would like to share how your loved one propose to you I would love to hear your story!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your proposal story is so romantic! Our "proposal" story: Well, it was in the supermarket and we had been waiting to hear from Isaiah's new boss in Switzerland whether or not they would sponsor a visa for his girlfriend (me!). When I asked him about the e-mail, he replied, "Well, babe, it looks like we're getting married!" Two weeks later, we tied the knot! We celebrated 3 years on March 25!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!! That restaurant looks like it was a nice night out!!...Now, our story: I was working the 2nd shift (3-11 p.m.) at an elderly-care facility. Hubby (pre-hubby I guess you would call him then! ^_^) came to the facility, at around 9:30 p.m. {unheard of at that time, because we had a guard that stopped visitors from entering the facility after 8} carrying a bougquet of red roses with a beautiful ribbon wrapped around it, and dressed in a suit {which, at that time, he NEVER wore!}. I was totally puzzled about how he got in, and why he was here at this hour, and...and...! LOL I was in the middle of changing a patient. One of my co-workers let me go down to the lounge to talk to him. It was so romantic, with me in a white uniform with "stains" from the night's work all over it, my hair a sweaty mess, and not smelling my freshest (if you know what I mean! *giggle*). He got down on one knee, said the sweetest words about how he loved me, wiped away my tears, gave me the roses, and has been soaking up my heart and wiping away all of my childhood fears ever since. It's been the sweetest 29 years any girl could ever ask for! :-] ...Hope it didn't bore you to tears! ^_^

  3. A belated congratulations to you and Isaiah. Wow what a leap of faith Amanda, to move overseas. I'm so happy that you were able to experience another culture, another country, and a new life together! I'm sure both of you are happy to be back in the States with your families.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love your wedding cake and what a creative way for him to propose!

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! My husband proposed three times and I said no, 'til one day, I told him to ask me again, then I said yes.... too many years ago to remember! LOL

  6. congratulations once again - it looks like a special night out. wishing you guys the best on all the years to come :)

  7. I'm waaaay behind on reading....happy {belated} anniversary! Ours is 4/21, we just celebrated 4 years. Jon put my ring in my Christmas stocking.

  8. Happy Anniversary, Elisa!! What a good story! You're a good story teller and I always enjoy reading about your life! Wow, how sweet. Tax day... I didn't even remember! I knew it was sometime around spring though. :) Easter eggs and your ring. What a sweet way to remember. And you had Beli's birthday! Happy Birthday to Beli!! Hugs. xoxo Kaho


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