Friday, April 29, 2011

the last weekend in Iowa

beautiful decorations by the local drugstore

Beli showing the Easter bunny her own bunny she received for her birthday
selecting a toy and bag of candy
happy with her selections
decorations at my Mom's 

photo taken before the Easter hunt

My youngest nephew and Beli

My four older nephews

Bittersweet to say the least. 
We were able to celebrate Easter with my family.  Beli was very excited to see the Easter bunny. And did you notice? She is happily wearing that same red dress which two months ago she totally refused to wear.  
I saw my youngest nephew walk for the first time!
Took my nephews to see the movie Rio, you need to go see it, it's funny!

There were lots of hugs and some tears as we said our goodbyes. Another big change for all of us!
After 4 months of living in Iowa we're moving to Colorado. We began our drive very early, at 2am hoping Beli wouldn't be so tired but she was wide awake and happy.

She did quite well, and was very excited to go to her house, especially when we mentioned that there were toys at her new house.
a park somewhere between Iowa and Colorado
Have a wonderful weekend. What are your plans? I will be unpacking, to be honest, I thought we didn't have that much stuff but our car was stuffed all the way to the roof!  


  1. She has finally taken to wearing dresses. This is when the rest of the journey starts as a girl. Watch out! I love the Easter hunt. We do not have that as in the Orthodox tradition. Hope you are settling down well.

  2. She finally accepted to wear the red dress and she's happy! Yay! So, you moved all the way to Colorado! You guys are trooper to drive at night! The photos you've taken are beautiful. The park on your way to Colorado looks great. I love Beli's knitted hat. I would love to own one like it! :) Great job and I can't believe you already blogged after you have just moved across the country! Can't wait to see your new town, city, friends, etc on your blog!! xo Kaho

  3. Elisa, Beli is soooo cute, and the dress! Oh my God, the dress! She's so cute in it :)

    I noticed the picture above (in the front page of the blog), this old stone house. It reminds me of some house in old town Trogir, they are so similar :) Hope you will return to Trogir some day :)

    Happy holidays :)


  4. I've seen all kinds of new places while just following your blog. From Croatia, to Iowa, and now to Colorado. All places I've never been!! :-) I look forward to whatever new adventures Colorado brings!...Welcome to your new home! :-)

  5. Hope you're getting settled! I love Beli's sense of style, and that drugstore goes all out! That's awesome!
    Can't wait to hear stories of your new home.

  6. Elisa, I knew it's Trogir, this place was the most frequent place for my wedding photo :) I'm so glad that you love Trogir, it really has nice corners :) Tnx for your reply :)

  7. it looks like a wonderful family easter time. hope the big move and change is all for good. have a great weekend friend!

  8. love the dress-adorable! hope you all settle in to CO and that she likes the new place (and toys!)

  9. Such cute photos! Such cute girl! :-)

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  10. I feel like I'm so behind or a missed something somewhere, but colorado?! that is exciting!!! did you get a house there???

  11. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. xx

  12. "Ja sam seljak".

    That's todays title I proudly use.
    After leaving Holland, this is the life we wanted in Dalmacija, and that's what we enjoy truly.
    Much to do, much to enjoy, less is more, that's our life here, with less stress and a huge pleasure to share with friends and neighbours.
    Having been a follower of your blog over a period of time, speacialy interested in the Croatian part, and of course the nice folks in it, it's time to say goodbye and all the very best in Colorado.
    Will be visiting only once in a while from now on, as Colorado and the USA are so far from our daily life in Croatia.
    Still I do hope some day you, Davor and Beli will visit us here, in our hidden valley, during a holiday or ........
    With my best wishes for a happy future, and keep your Croatian connection alive !!!
    There is a season to work and a season to rest, and Croatia is the very best place to "rest" retired like I am.
    Pozdravi, Pim.

    ps. Have to take care of the potatoes, the tomatoes and melons, getting dirty hands and lots of fun doing so.

  13. So great that she is wearing that dress...The photos look beautiful and I hope that you had safe drive to Colorado. I used to live in Wyoming for a year and I drove often to Denver:) Have a fantastic Monday, sweetie and see you later.

  14. @Jelena, I didn't think it would ever be possible that she would enjoy wearing dresses, but she does!

    @Kaho, thank you!

    @Maja, Trogir is a magical place!

    @Poetess, thank you for reading along as we trasition into our new home.

    @Jen, this drugstore always has great decorations, for Christmas they had a Santa-claus and a real reindeer!

    @Thais, we are embracing our new stage of our lives.

    @Lauren, she really likes her new home and not to mention all the toys.

    @A Cuban, thank you! Enjoy your vacation!

    @Krystal, yes, we've made the transition to Colorado. for the time being we are renting.

    @BeachVintage, thanks!

    @Pim, looking forward to reading about your new home and new adventures!

    @ Diana, What a small world, we also lived in Wyoming, (Green River).


Thank you for your comments!

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