Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fields of Lavender

Inspired by both her grand-daughter and the island of Hvar, my Mother-in-law created these three canvases. Aren't they amazing? She is a natural when it comes to painting. 

And when you put all 3 three canvases next to each other, you get a beautiful painting!


  1. Amazing!!! You make me want to go to Croatia now!
    Happy belated Birthday to sweet Beli!

  2. WOW!! She is amazing!! How talented!

  3. Michela, I never had the chance to visit this Island. Big regret, so for now, this painting will have to do. You must visit Croatia, you are so close!!! how about the island of Pag? famous for their cheese. And it's not too far from Venice.

  4. Poetess, very talented indeed!

  5. Gorgeous! Did she ever take art classes, or is your MIL just naturally this talented?

  6. Amanda she took a course last summer but prior to that she was already painting. It's a hobby of hers that she enjoys very much.

  7. Shes quite an artist. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too, soon.


  8. One is lucky (like us) to live in Croatia with such nature around.
    The paintings perfectly show the warmth of it all.

    We finally arrived in Dalmatia, all paperwork done, to live a more than happy life here.
    Holland, with its tulips, wooden shoes and crowded roads is finaly finished !!
    Now I can say: "ja sam seljak od Svinisce", and that's a great feeling.
    Say hello to Davor and keep posting !

  9. Wow..she is so talented and they look so beautiful:) Have a relaxing and fun Easter weekend, darling
    Happy Friday

  10. how beautiful and so much talent! love lavenders.


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