Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A ladder in the Adriatic Sea

my friend in Croatia shared this photo with me  and 
today a blogger friend also posted a similar photo here.
who is the artist?
How would you interpret this photo? 


  1. Very lovely image.
    A ladder doesn't belong in the sea ( naturally).
    It was obviously placed there for the photo.
    Nice idea, though.

  2. Hmmmmm.....Was there a ship that was taken by a storm or something?! O_0

  3. Hello Elisa, you don't know me but I have a very close friend who recently moved to Croatia and she's so lonely! I found your blog and sent the link to her, she's from Mexico and I hope she joins your postings as they can show her more to do there! Ella tambien es de Mexico, igual que yo. Ojala me pudieras contactar: lmartinez@radientinc.com (yo vivo en Canada) Gracias por crear un blog asi, esta padrisimo!

  4. Wow, that's amazing!! Wonder who it is...

  5. i have no clue! maybe it's the same one who did the fork in montreux!

  6. Why, but it's Jacob's ladder, obviously! What else could it be between blue-blue Jadran and the Dalmatian sky?
    Alina za Temesvar

  7. That is so interesting!! I love your banner. It is absolutely gorgeous. How are you these days?

  8. two questions to think about:
    is this ladder leading up, for anything/one coming from the sea (today about 17 C.) or is it leading down, under water.
    we can see the top, but must wonder how deep it goes.

    love "projects" like this, raising questions, making you smile.
    so simple, a ladder and the sea, that's all there is to it to forget the global crisis.
    and perhaps it's a signal that however much your feet "get wet", there's always a way back up.

    anyway, the wood stove is burning, and all's quiet in our valley, covered with a trillion stars.

  9. hi Larissa,

    should your friend live near Split, tell her she can always visit us(if she speaks english as my spanish is zero).
    tell her to have a look at my blog.
    any friend of a friend of a friend of a friend is welcome, especially if they love croatia.

  10. beautiful photo... it's like a gateway to heaven!

  11. That is such an interesting photo and totally beautiful. Have a wonderful Thursday, darling. How is your week so far? Muah

  12. The ladder may have been photoshopped into the image to depict the connection between water and sky?


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