Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday's best~

an afternoon nap, autumn sunshine, shoe shopping and an art collage

how was your weekend?


  1. How wonderful!! :-] I guess fear of dogs is gone now, huh?!...And fear of shoes too! ^_^ ...We had a great weekend also. But cut short because of work. Oh least we didn't have snow! And around here that's a BIG plus!! ;-)

  2. these pictures are so precious :)

  3. Poetess, she is getting more comfortable around the puppy, I think the physical barrier (the fence) is helping, but when we mention if we can put her on the other side with the puppy she says no! LOL

  4. thank you Krystal! hope you are feeling better.

  5. Heidi, indeed, it was a fun weekend.

    Congratulations on your wedding! I love the wedding favors idea of fresh plants, very special.

  6. love the picture number 4, the light and the nature help a lot!


Thank you for your comments!

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