Wednesday, November 2, 2011

another autumn day

waiting for her friend.

had a great weekend. made crepes for a potluck and they were a total hit!

carved pumpkins and our little neighbors (the squirrels) ate the owl's eye, nose and mouth. oh well, it's no longer Halloween right?

how is your week going?
It started snowing today. I went shopping for rubber boots and working gloves. One of my childhood dreams may come true! Yes! I  may own a horse soon. (details soon) 


  1. Ohh my goodness, my heart is melting just looking at those squirrel photos. How adorable. Btw: Im totally craving crepe right now...Love them! Have a cozy day, sunshine. xo

  2. Yum- those crepes look so good- I love the squirrel photos! So cute- that used to happen to me as a child living in Toronto- we don't have squirrels here in the desert.

  3. Beautiful images. The squirrel is eliminating the need to compost! Ha Ha Your daughter looks completely happy.
    How exciting that you will get a horse. Looking forward to knowing more
    Helen Tilston

  4. Diana, I have purchased another jar of Nutella, I'm talking hubby into making more crepes this weekend!

  5. great food, looks so yummy! congrats! the Squirrel so funny :D


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