Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cake and Nutella too

"Beli announced it was her birthday today," I told my older sister.
 "Wait, wasn't her birthday last week and the week before that?" she asked.

yeah, what can I say. Beli LOVES celebrating her birthday.
I think we should all be celebrating our birthdays don't you agree?

She insisted on making the cake herself 

I supervised and we followed my
ever popular recipe:
You remember that recipe?
Well the name
has gotten longer,
 I may have to rename it to French Croatian Yogurt Lemon Coconut  cake, 
you can say I have added a few extra ingredients:
coconut flour
flax seed flour
soy milk
and a few other changes.. (giggling)
and yes I finally bought an electric mixer,
but since Beli was
preparing it she insisted on 
mixing it herself
with a spoon!

What have you baked lately?
do share recipes!


  1. Looks delicious! And the birthday girl as pretty as always :)

    A while back I made a chocolate cake (the recipe is in my blog) and just the other day a pie out of leftovers. I will share that one in a couple of days or so. This lemon cake is now on my to do-list! :)

  2. yummy! delicious!

  3. agreed! we should all celebrate b-days every day =)) specially if there's cake !!

  4. Clever little angel !
    So, the best way to eat what you like best is to call it your birthday(again).
    I guess cakes are nutritious, specially with Nutella on it (those Ferrero boys say its full of minerals and such from those nuts, so.....).
    Happy 75th birthday Beli, and lots of fun next week celebrating your 82nd.

    Ask your mammy to prepare with you a schwarzwalder kirschtorte, with chocolate cake, cherries and cream (I did and it was mouthwatering).

    Introduced "mali lovački kruh" overhere, baked rolls stuffed with minced meat, flavored with herbs and spices one would use to marinate wild boar and such, and they don't love it, they eat it straight from the hot oven.

    Tomorrow cooking an indonesian/chinese dinner for a group of friends, of course with baked krupuk to it (since you asked what's happening on the baking front).

    Good food connects good people !

  5. That looks amazing! I just baked some savory bread pudding. Posted it on the blog today.

  6. Happy Birthday Beli!

    That cake looks very delicious.

  7. Nothing wrong with a good birthday cake. Or just cake. And Nutella.

  8. She is gorgeous :-) Lovely pics, and of course, never met anyone who doesn't like Nutella :-)


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