Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's white

The color of my new phone.

Who knew savings of 10 dollars would motivate me to purchase a new phone!
Let me explain: I went to a new spa last week and the receptionist informed me that new customers had the opportunity for a discount if they had a smart phone, well I didn't.
I still owned a good old flip-phone!
So after the massage, I went and purchased a smart phone.
And if you are wondering whether I will be returning to that new spa..

 Since I'm used to only talking and texting, I'm having fun with all the new apps.
What I won't enjoy is my phone bill doubling in price!
Oh well, must keep up with technology or
else you will be left behind! right?

Adriatic Sea~photo taken by me- summer 2010
Gotta relax today because another hectic weeks awaits us!

How are you keeping up with an ever changing world?


  1. I make the ever-changing world keep up with me!! ^_^ I don't buy anything I don't need, and I don't get anything extra I know I'm not gonna use! :-)) I sure hate to waste money or time!!

  2. congrats on the new -modern- phone =) I love keeping up with technology, the bad part is working way too hard so I can afford it!


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