Friday, February 10, 2012

Glimpses of the week ~here and from around the world!

 Look who is feeling better!

And whether you are busy shoveling snow or baking
or enjoying sunshine, have a wonderful weekend!
oh and a Happy San Valentin!
I found this picture but can't remember the source, Beli would love  it, if only I knew how to build it!

and a few more pictures my friends sent me from Croatia. You can find more pictures on the blog, 

 these photos are from my friend Pim more photos on his blog Svinisce

from Finland

this photo also  from Finland,

stay cozy!


  1. Oh, you have a lot of snow, too! I'm glad Beli is feeling okay again! I'm a bit under the weather myself. I've been feverish and lost my voice, but hopefully will be fine again soon. Thanks for sharing my photo! :)

  2. Hi Elisa!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and hubby!
    How cute Beli with the snowman!

  3. Hi Elisa

    Such beautiful images of Beli enjoying the snow.
    Europe seems to be getting a cold spell and many homes are not so equipped for the extremes.
    Enjoy and before we know it it will be Spring.
    A very Happy St Valentine's Day

    Helen xx

  4. dear elisa, i've missed your blog! bella looks so big and beautiful. can't wait to catch up on your beautiful images. happy valentines to you as well. and thx for the sweet comment on my blog. ;)


Thank you for your comments!

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