Monday, February 20, 2012

Went to see the movie, the descendants. Have you watched it? 
It takes place in Hawaii.
  Never been there and you?

flowers from Valentines still blooming
Happy Monday!


  1. Ah, tropical flowers - reminds one of the vibrant well kept gardens of the West Indies. Happy Monday. Warmly hope you and family are well. xx

  2. I have never been to Hawaii either - but I am sure loving these gorgeous pics of your V-Day flowers!

  3. Why not call it momday in stead of monday ?
    After a busy weekend you (and all mothers) deserve it.
    Those flowers by the way are lilies, so be careful with that powder on their stems.
    (It's stains are horrible to get rid of).

    Over here in Dalmacija snow is rapidly disappearing, and temperature may rise to 17 C.
    Not bad for February :-)

    Hawaii sure is special, but there are a million places that are special.
    Almost went there once, a business trip , but I decided not to go.
    No regrets at all, and totally happy with Dalmacija today (one of those million special places) as alternative after my busy business life.

  4. never been there either... but for sure a dream of mine ;)


Thank you for your comments!

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