Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is it Summer yet?

Somehow, without planning I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen.
After buying groceries for the week, ( and these beautiful flowers)
I began to think about what to cook for the upcoming days. 
I'm counting the days until our vacation to California (10 more days) and  
I'll working every single day until then so I wanted to have dinner ready for the days to come.
I made stuffed artichokes, banana bread, garbanzo bean patties,
tofu with sun-dried tomato pesto sauce, stir-fry with beef, grilled shrimp, and pasta.

And while I cooked and baked, Beli helped Hubby with our project for building a planter box. 
We'll be growing tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and jalapenos on our balcony!
So, is it summer yet? 
I want fresh veggies already!

yesterday we had a BIG storm: rain along with hail...
a friend lives south of Denver and they were under a tornado watch,
the sky was angry! (but I guess the moisture is good for the earth, we haven't had much rain  )
this morning I looked outside and looks like our little balcony garden survived the storm!
but many businesses suffered some damage, including Beli's preschool (one of the classrooms flooded)

 Although, our jalapeno plant looks sad?

Tomorrow is Friday~woo-hooo!
or as Beli likes to say, TA-DAAAA


  1. Beli looks happy and radiant like summer itself;-)

    1. Since she started gymnastics a few weeks ago, she loves to say Ta-daaa!

  2. she is so freaking cute :)

  3. seems you're a damned good cook, as beli is attacking that giant dish with great appetite.
    with such hail it looks as if your summer garden was kicked back a bit.
    don't forget to grow some rucola as well, a "must" to put into a salad over here, with it's nutty flavor.
    (over here it's summer already with 30 C. and the sea at a swim able 20 C+).
    have fun counting down, pozdravi, pim.

  4. Haha, that plate was suppose to be for the 3 of us but she took it away from me and said it was all hers! she loves scampi!! Glad we exposed her to fresh fish, langostines while we lived in Split.I bought some arugula seeds and I still have some of the seeds you sent me for hot peppers.

  5. thanks for the congrats!! everyone knew by the time i visited, mark had been home earlier for work and spread the news like a little crop duster - he couldn't keep quiet, i think he's quite excited, hahaha :)

  6. beautiful photos..the food all looks delicious!

  7. Wow, your pasta looks soooo good! You cooked a lot! You are a very good cook, too, and your family is very lucky to have you who likes to cook! Do you have the recipe for the shrimp pasta? I can't believe you had hail. The ice in the jalapeno pot looks like wintery!


Thank you for your comments!

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