Thursday, June 28, 2012

Along the Pacific Coast Highway

 Palm trees
love them
reminded me of Split, Croatia.
Pacific Ocean was cold
yet a beautiful sight to see

 Day 1: our first stop along Highway 1 was 
the town of
San Clemente

 Beli had a fun time running from the waves,
she would say, " you can't catch me."

 and of course our beloved medo came along
Until another time
San Clemente.

From the moment we arrived in California
Beli asked if we were in San Diego, "is this San Diego?"
Me: " this is Anaheim."
Beli: "is this San Diego?"
Me: " this is San Clemente."
Beli: " are we are in San Diego now?"
Hubby: " still far away Beli."
Beli: " awwww."

even though it was 70 minutes away
we took the scenic route and took us about 5 hours
before we arrived at Sea World.
Unfortunately Beli was sleep when we arrived.


  1. It's a looooong way to San Diego!!! LOL...Loved the photos.

  2. Divno! I mene podsjecaju na Split! Moj grad! :)


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