Friday, June 29, 2012

A world of dolphins and whales

After  driving along the Pacific Coast Highway for 5 hours ( we stopped about every 1/2 hour to take photos) we made it to Seaworld around 3pm. 
We woke Beli up as she had fallen asleep during the drive.

a quinceanera?

She asked, " is this San Diego?"

I had printed the show times and there were scheduled about every 1/2 hour, but after arriving at the park I realized it would be impossible to attend them all, the park was big!  So I asked Beli what she wanted to see first. 

 "the dolphins," she replied.

She was so proud of herself that she was able to interact with the dolphins.

 Then we saw Shamu.

I think I was more excited about seeing the whales than Beli. I just can't imagine how they can be trained to perform.


Have you been to Seaworld before? do you have a favorite show?


  1. Yes! I have been to SeaWorld...more than once I think. I had a pearl diver dive for a oyster for me there. I had a pearl in it too! :-) I loved Shamu too...and the walrus and dolphin show...But I think my favorite, because it was steaming hot, was the little homemade ice cream huts throughout the park. :-))

  2. I've been to sea world a long time ago and can't wait to take my girls over.... the whole experience is os much fun !! Beli for sure looks extra happy =)

  3. Have been to "sea world" yesterday.
    put on my swimming stuff, my flippers and my snorkel, and dived into the blue of the Adriatic to watch some "giant" fish he he he.
    But being as hot as it is over here in Croatia (+35 Celsius), a dive into the Cetina river is much more refreshing, truly a delight.
    No kidding, Disney World Paris was my limit, and any other crowded place I gladly leave to folks like you with a small kid like Beli.
    (And how did that bear show up in SW :-)

  4. I'm glad you still enjoyed your time in San Diego despite the clouds! The dolphin show has always been my favorite. Jealous that Beli got to interract with the dolphins ;)

  5. It looks like Beli had a great time! I know my kids would love it! My youngest has never been and I think my oldest was a toddler the last time he went...they would probably really enjoy it!


Thank you for your comments!

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