Sunday, January 6, 2013

30 Day Vegan~ My own personal challenge to healthy eating

I watched a documentary and I decided to take a challenge.
Has that ever happened to you?
Decide you want to make a change after watching a film?
So here I am.
On my fifth day of completely cutting out dairy and eggs and seafood from my diet
(the red meat and chicken were easy as I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years-
with the minor exception that I occasionally do eat seafood)

Breakfast usually consists of a smoothie or a protein shake.

For lunch, I have been preparing various versions of winter squash soups.
Sometimes I use butternut squash or italian squash as the base to the soups.

For afternoon snacks the options are endless: soy yogurt, almonds, hummus.

Dinner: YUUM, guacamole: lots of tomatoes and jalapenos, green onions and lime juice.

This week I went grocery shopping to prepare my pantry for my vegan challenge. Hubby asked me , " so what's left for you to eat? I replied by telling him that now a days we have many choices just have to read the labels for hidden milk products.

Let's see what $115.79 bought me.
34 staples:
1.73lb of Ten Bean Soup Mix
2lb of dried black beans
2 packages of dates
dried cranberries
2lbs dried navy beans
dried cashews
 1lb organic rolled oats\
walnut meal
yellow popcorn
2 almond milk yogurts
3 packages of organic tofu
1 package of lean soy meat
1 package of soy milk
veggie singles pepper jack cheese ( after reading the package label I realized it's no vegan)
1 package nut thins crackers
1 liter of extra virgin olive oil
1 cauliflower
1 celery stalk
6 cucumbers
1 eggplant
1 lb of italian squash
1 jicama
4 limes
8 red bell peppers
1 red cabbage
1 package of red leaf lettuce
sweet potatoes
yukon gold potatoes
organic raw almonds
2 packages of frozen butternut squash
1 package of frozen corn
and green onions.

I felt very excited to come home and start my menu for the month!

So far I've prepared veggie burgers ( a bit burnt! but still tasted ok) with roasted bell peppers and potatoes
garlic and parsley mini pancakes using rice flour
and baked green beans, carrots and potatoes
and stir-fry tofu with onions and jalapenos (picture not shown)

I do have a sweet tooth so I made a vegan and gluten free version of these whole wheat cookies

 the list of ingredients were endless:
( almond flour, coconut flour, raw sugar, walnut meal, vanilla, shredded coconut, cinnamon,
soy milk, baking powder)....they were a bit grainy but
Beli seemed to enjoy them!

Well I better get back to planning more meals.
Sorry for the long post!
Next one should be shorter.
I will be updating you along the way
and tell you how it's going.

Have a wonderful week my friends!


  1. Was it Forks Over Knives? Hubby was ready to go vegan after watching that film, but I was pregnant at the time and concerned about how I'd get all the necessary nutrients (I know it's possible, but it is work). Instead we just cut out milk, not all milk products, just milk. Good for you, Elisa. You will probably feel amazing after those 30 days!

    1. It was Vegucated. A documentary of 3 strangers in New York who take a 6 week challenge to eat only vegan. the documentary also shows the treatment of animals. Hubby also watched it and I asked him if he would do it with me, he was hesitant and so far I'm the only one doing it. I will let you know you the results!

  2. Can't resist using some Croatian words: "jebenti bogati zena !!!"
    Come on Elisa, this is the 21st century, electric light, airco, synthetic fibers and mechanical traffic.
    And internet of course.
    However I can agree with your choice for organic food and the absence of industrial meat, we don't live in caves anymore, and with a bit of common sense it's as well possible as it is ethical and tasty to eat a balanced meal !!!
    Was eating home grown cabbage and potatoes with some "domaci" pigmeat, from a pig that lived almost half a year on a diet of figs, blitva and other goodies.
    Yes, sorry, but the pig had to die for it, but so did the cabbage and the potatoes.
    Fish eat flies, cats eat mice, humans eat meat (and cabbage and potatoes ha ha ha), so what.
    We are the only ones who can choose between honest respectful quality and garbage from Mc.Donalds.
    And without going back to the stone age, there is a lot between those two !!!

    Sorry, but just hád to criticize you for once, as I knów you're a clever creative cook.
    (Blogged response soon to follow).

    1. I can see your point of view Pim, but in Europe it's not permitted to use in the States almost everything is GMO...kinda scary that we are becoming altered genetic modified humans. I'm just trying to make a healthy conscious decision to not put that many chemicals in my body. You at least have the land and can grow your own veggies. but hey even some big animals like Elephants, Bulls, Cows and Pigs don't eat meat. so why not me? As yes I'm learning to cook in a new way..yesterday I had kolac without milk, eggs or butter. (it was ok but not the best tasting I will give you that.)

  3. I read your blogged response Pim. I'm in total agreement "Don't eat less, Eat Better"

    1. Right you are (and so am I, :-).
      No idea if around you there are any organic farmers, but it's worth a try to look around to see if anybody is growing "less polluted" food.
      I guess also in the USA there must be a movement for slow food.
      Davor will certainly know that a free chicken is by far a tastier.
      Not to mention domaci vegetables and fruits.
      Anyway, enjoy your dinner.


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