Thursday, January 17, 2013

Las hormigas~ The story about a hero

There was once a little girl living in Mexico with her parents and Grandparents. One
summer day the little girl's Mom had to work in the field so she asked the little girl's grandfather if He could keep an eye on her. She was only one year old and very much interested in her surroundings, and how she loved nature and animals. In the blink of an eye, the little girl found herself in the middle of an ant's nest. Several ants were crawling on her legs when her Grandfather rescued her.
He rescued her from being bitten. 
That little girl was me. Yes my Grandfather was my hero.

Go Isabelita ! Go pick some pecans for your Mother.

That's what my Grandfather told Beli the last time we visited him in Texas

And now.....I close my eyes and I see him. I hear him. The endearment in his voice. How he said my daughter's name. Isabelita. Isabelita venga para aca y saludeme.  Mi Abuelito, He was a great storyteller and loved to tell me about when I was a kid living in Mexico.  And he would always tell me  the ants story. How I was sitting in the middle of an ant's nest when I was one year old, and how he rescued me. It's difficult to write this....

People grieve in different ways. He had a good fight with cancer, he was determined to do all the treatments and go to all his  doctor's visits. You see, we kept the truth about his cancer being terminal, but he knew, he knew all along.  I think he taught us a great lesson. Be strong. He never complained about being in pain. On my last visit I saw  how he wanted to us to know, his whole family ( 10 kids, and 23 grand-kids and 22 great-grand-kids) that he wanted to keep fighting.  He didn't want to give up without a good fight.

Today  January 17 is his birthday. He would have been 79 years old , we remember him with a big smile.

Mi querido Abuelito. 
Siempre me voy acordar de las hormigas.
And your Great-granddaughter will always know what a wonderful,
caring and strong man you were.

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