Monday, January 14, 2013

The Rose In My Garden

Spirited kids are like roses in the garden.
They need more attention. Throw a little water on the other flowers and they grow. 
Not the rose-it needs special treatment. It has to be pruned and guided in its growth.
If you treat a rose roughly, it will wilt in your hands or stab you, make you bleed.

But there is not another flower like the rose in my garden. Its rich perfume fragrance titillates my senses. Its satin soft petals tickle my fingers. Its blooms are so vibrant they stir my soul. 
Spirited kids are like roses-they need special care. And sometimes you have to get past the thorns to truly enjoy their beauty.

As you learn about your spirited child, learn about yourself. Become aware of how stimulation, transitions, and new situations affect you. Be more cognizant of your energy level, your own need for routine, your joy in change.

Do not fear intensity. Don't let it scare you. Intensity is passion, zest, and vitality. 
Love your spirited child for who she is.
Let her make you laugh. Let her share with you how she sees, hears, and experiences the things around her. Allow her to enrich your life. Because she is more, she will make you more.~(Mary Sheedy Kurcinka from her book, " raising your spirited child")

My precious, strong willed, independent, joyful, energetic little girl whom I admire and love, 
she is my Rose.

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