Friday, December 3, 2010

Chic Noel

 A gift from Spain has arrived! I purchased a homemade advent calendar with a special friend in mind. You may remember my friend N and her words of support about learning the Croatian language? 

Well this gift is perfect because the artist, Lala is from France and when I requested the messages to be written in French for my friend she said not a problem. " ..each little box contains a quote to read to your loved ones, each day to gradually get in a sweet Christmas mood." ~Lala
 She is very talented in both her photography and artwork so if you happen to be in Granada,Spain this weekend you should check out her Paperie Show!

 two photos courtesy of Lala you can see more photos on her lovely blog, A castle in Spain here and her Etsy shop here.
Thank you Lala! your chic Noel card is sitting on my desk, I love it!


  1. What a beautiful gesture and a beautiful gift. I love the thoughtful gift. It says someone has put time and effort into it!
    ps I did not have a recipe for cheese cake on the blog. I still love and remember the American frozen one from the store with strawberries on top. Can not top that!

  2. Dear Elisa,
    again i'm so glad the package reached you safely and hope your friend will enjoy it and the quotes...
    Thank you so much for all the links, Elisa..It's really sweet of you and it makes my day !!

  3. This is so so sweet! So much talent and beauty here, and just utter thoughtfulness. Thanks for sharing all this today :)

  4. Jelena, it was just perfect, my friend loved it!.
    (don't worry I found a recipe, which I will share.)

    @Lala, my friend was beyond ecstatic, she said you really enjoy what you do and it shows in your work!

    @Jude, glad you liked it as much as I did.

    @Dreaming of Palm trees, agreed!

  5. So very pretty! I love Advent calenders. Yours is truly chic, Elisa.

  6. what a beautiful gift and lucky friend. very special calendar - congrats!!

  7. What a beautiful advent calendar!! How is your Croatian language learning going? I just went to a class for Indonesian today. I love going to the class, but I don't review enough.... Sigh.

  8. hehe thanks for the reminder Kaho. yesterday I spent the day listening to Beli's music cd. it was fun to pick out a few words that I recognized but I couldn't understand the context of the song. hubby had to help me out.


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