Thursday, December 2, 2010

Only the minimal~Our Apartment

When we first moved overseas to Hubby's native country I was super excited about our move. We sold most of our belongings and we were starting a new way of living: walks to the beach, fresh produce, fresh air, and most important we were going to spend quality time with our daughter  24/7.

A few months after moving to Croatia I began to complain about a few commodities I missed from the States: a dishwasher, a dryer, microwave, a walk in closet to name a few. But I soon realized these were things we could purchase, but did we really need them? My previous closet had shelves and shelves of clothes I hardly wore, some even still had the tags on! So I stopped complaining and instead made a conscious effort to embrace our minimalist lifestyle. As you can see, my new closet is tiny but it has all that I need.

 Artwork from a friend and the bedspread made from some fabric I purchased a few years ago add a splash of color and make up for the colorless walls.
Trust me, the kitchen doesn't look this clean very often! 
Our pantry, I began recycling glass jars and with a black marker I labeled the lids, (maybe tacky?)   but it sure makes it easier to find things.
The only room I don't keep very tidy is our guest room/Beli's creative room.  I do pick up all the toys at night that way she can have a fresh start the following day.

From what I read in a previous post about Feng Shui,..."you need to get rid of things that are of no use, little use or less use- in order to invite new things into your life.

What do you think, is less better? Last but not least, thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Your comments have encouraged and inspired me. My life is richer because of knowing you.

(P.S. hubby and I have been intensely drinking honey lemon and rose hip tea and having lots of soup, so thanks again for your home remedy tips.)


  1. Hope you both will feel better soon, darling. I love your place...For me its important to have things that matter and hold a special place in my heart and I am a huge believe of less is more:)...
    Kisss,sweetie and stay cozy and warm

  2. This post makes me want to start Feng Shuing.

  3. When "stepping" into life, your naked with nothing but the love of your mother (and father).

    Than you start collecting, impressions, lessons, rules, and "things" you can't do without ???

    Finally you leave again, and again with nothing, but a load of love, given and taken, all life on.

    I guess we need some things, we're not monkeys or birds, but to much shit makes you fall down due to an overload and to much to handle.

    So, the lesser the better, however some kitchenstuff, tools, clothes, toys, shoes, books, a computer, sunglasses, here we go again..................

    One motto I like to use:
    They ruled slavery out, so feel free !!!!

  4. I likd the glimpse in to your home, I think less is definitely better and less distracting:) I'm thankful for you too lady. I'm sipping on vanilla tea as i write - the walk to the grocery store and home with bama wore me out!

  5. Oh! That view is your first photo is so calming! I'd love to have a good book or some soft music and a good crochet project and just wile away the hours there!! :-) And who needs all that clutter and "Stuff" anyway, huh?! "Less is more!" {Well, except for in Beli's room!! ^_^} Glad you're all feeling better. Sip, sip,...sleep! Sip, sip,...sleep!! :-)

  6. Hope you both feel better soon! I love the less is more approach - I pretty much lived out of suitcases (2 of them) since 2006, so it feels like I've been giving away my possessions for years. It's a very liberating feeling, oddly :)

    I love the calm soothing look you have - thanks for the house tour!

  7. Diana, thank you, feeling so much better. I'm actually baking now for hubby's belated bday.

    Ana, you should check out the link I listed she is good!

    @Pim I like your words of wisdom!

    @Krystal and much easier to clean, hehe. yum vanilla tea sounds yummy!

  8. @Poetess
    Debbie, ha, yes in regards to Beli's room, MOre is less!

  9. I believe that less is best... basically because we women are usually the ones that have to clean and organize; however, children don't agree with that philosophy, so be prepared! (Grown men don't always agree either, they want their "toys") LOL

    Glad you're feeling better.

  10. I love it!! Minimalism is the way to go. The bedroom, so jealous...........
    Your daughter is beautiful.

  11. your place is adorable! simple and conscious is a very honorable way of living - so congrats on your choice :)

  12. Less is definitely better, who needs all that "stuff" anyway? That said, I did insist on a dryer because where we live, mildew starts in a snap when I have to take the laundry indoors.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog - I love yours! As an expat american I can totally relate to adjusting the difference in cultures, and the places that you've been to...well let's just say that I will probably never get to visit them. My husband has been to Croatia and all around eastern europe and says that it's very beautiful. What fun it'll be to tag along with you in your travels!

  13. We do live in tiny spaces compared to the USA houses and apartments, although in Manhattan some are even smaller than ours. There is one good thing about that, you can not stay angry at each other for long in a tiny space.
    I also keep clearing things, since there are no yard sales, I just place the things nicely packed next to the garbage container for someone who needs them. You can also donate to the Red cross.

  14. Love your view! I also minimalized my world when we moved to Zagreb from Canada. So many times I think about buying something new, but my first thought is "where will I put that?" And then I don't buy it because there is no room!
    A word on brightening up a place without much cost or effort: curtains! You can have them made or if you've got some imagination (and you have tons of it), find some beautiful fabric and just wrap it around a curtain rod. Even white curtains against the white walls adds a special softness to the light coming through the window. Go for sheers, lace or something with beading or cutouts.

    And pillows from colourful fabric also brighten the place right up.

    Hope that helps!

  15. I want to move to a studio apartment with our two kids and get rid of everything. Why do we have so much and still buy more? Your house looks open and wonderful. i want to visit.

  16. @Jude. wow you have been on the move! I think it makes you appreciate and value what you do have.

    @Ivonne, haha, yes. I tend to do most of the cleaning.

    @Ninjagaiden. thank you

    @House 09. thanks Thais!

    @Rowena , we also have the mildew problem due to the concrete walls. thank you for stopping by and reading.

    @Jelena. yes, the places in New York are tiny. I really like our apt. I was wondering about donating some of my clothes and I just feel bad there aren't many more places where you can take used items although a friend of mine mentioned that maybe a church or orphanage could accept some stuff. I will do some research.

    @Gabriella. you know my Mother-in-law has a sewing machine I may ask her to help with out.I have come across many pretty fabrics. thanks for the idea.

  17. Hi Elisa! Happy New Year! Though I'm not living abroad anymore, I can totally relate to this post. We had the bare minimum in our apartment in Switzerland. My closet was the same size as yours, so I wore the same 3-4 outfits all the time (sometimes 2-3 days in a row!). We are now living in my Dad's house until we can get our own place and again I have a tiny closet - but it's still all I need!

  18. Hey Amanda! Good to hear from you. Right now I'm living out of a suitcase as I'm visiting my parents here in Iowa until the end of january. So of course I'm trying to change things around here, but Mom doesn't really appreciate it when I say, "but Mom, you don't even wear this, can we sell it or donate it?"LOL


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